There’s a lot to love about the lush parks surrounding Sydney, especially when the flowers bloom and the sun sets. But sometimes these popular places can get a little crowded. If you are looking for safe haven In the heart of the city, Wendy’s Secret Garden It is the right place to visit. Long-time Sydneysiders recognize its many charms and rightly call it the ‘City City’. Worst kept secret Because of how much it is loved by the locals. Despite its popularity, you will easily find a corner to yourself to enjoy a picnic, read a book, or take in the stunning views. the Sydney Foundation It has flourished since the early 1990s and has now taken on a life of its own with many Flowering beauties, artefacts, and habitats And Exotic plants, wood carvings and carvings To explore.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Image source: Wendy’s Secret Garden

the The story behind the park How that happened is both sad and sad in equal measure, and something worth sharing. Wendy And her husband, the famous artist Brett Whiteley They made their home in Sydney Lavender Bay He lived there for two decades. After his death in 1992, grief-stricken Wendy set to work removing trash and weeds from the plot of land at the foot of her home. No one asked her to stop, so she continued to channel her grief into creating something special: her own Secret garden. Ten years later, after her daughter Arki died, she continued working in the garden, but this time with renewed vigor.

Although she did not own the land, she was granted a Renewable rent For 30 years in 2015. Today it continues to thrive and prosper. Along its many winding paths, visitors can find grasses, towering trees, lilies, plants and a variety of birds making it a popular place. Bird watchers. Over time, a little Artworks and sculptures They were planted around the garden like silver owls, Bird bath, old wheelbarrow, sewing machine, Tinkerbell, angels And more that I will be happy to discover. And if you look hard enough, you might stumble upon Hidden fairy house Or two. It also provides picture-perfect views Sydney Harbor Bridge And beyond.

Wendy’s Secret Garden located in Lavender Bay At the bottom North shore of Sydney Harbour. It is always open and entry is present free. The nearest train stations are Milsons Point and North Sydney stations.

Read Wendy’s poignant life story here and find more information about the park here.

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