Technovos announces its latest innovation GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow to revolutionize the sustainable mobility landscape

Technovos announces its latest innovation GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow to revolutionize the sustainable mobility landscape

With its latest pioneering innovations, Tecnovus is proactively paving the way for a new era of green mobility solutions, integrating the power of cars to eliminate labor-intensive manual tasks.

Technovos – a leading developer of sustainable mobility solutions disrupting the cleantech and agritech landscape recently launched its latest innovative product introducing the GaadE electric wheelbarrow to redefine manual material handling tasks. The launch represents a revolutionary step in labour-intensive tasks, reshaping the landscape of diverse industries.

By challenging tradition and breaking the boundaries of possibility in agriculture, logistics, construction and much more, the wheelbarrow stands on the verge of the convergence of sustainability. Going beyond being an electric-powered upgrade to its conventional counterparts, it embodies a premier fusion of cutting-edge technology and environmental friendliness.

We are happy to launch our latest offers, Bharat Anantha Srinivas, CEO and Founder TechnovusHe commented: “In a world where technological innovation continues to dominate every aspect of our daily lives, Technovus aims to become the catalyst for revolutionizing agricultural technology and sustainable mobility. With our latest product, the Dynamic Electric Wheelbarrow, we have achieved a breakthrough in the world of mobility.” Materials, being the first platform to offer purpose-oriented electric rickshaw, designed to demonstrate excellence right from concept development to integration and assembly.

With electric propulsion at the front, it uses a 4kW three-phase induction motor which helps in shifting large loads efficiently. Using advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, it has opened the doors to autonomous navigation, along with obstacle avoidance and precise maneuvering. Moreover, it has a load capacity to transport 80% of applications to reduce the need for human effort.

By accelerating green mobility to a high level, it operates with zero-emission and energy-efficient mechanisms, emerging as a gateway to promoting a sustainable environment.

Offering an opportunity to participate in an automation-driven future, the introduction of electric wheelbarrows into the Precision AgriTech sector is a game-changing innovation. Because it is a labor-intensive sector, it will provide farmers and agronomists an escape from manual lifting, and open the doors to a versatile and efficient solution designed to optimize agricultural operations, while enhancing crop management.

With multi-faceted warehouse operations, the seamless integration of GaadE- Electric Wheel-Barrow represents a major leap forward in material handling and sustainability endeavors. This innovative solution is expected to transform the warehousing and logistics industries, with access to streamlined operations and reduced costs, while enhancing the concepts of industrial safety and environmental responsibility.

In the absence of a machine specifically designed for the hyper-local segment, Technovos has been able to create a niche by adding the leading purpose-built electric auto rickshaw in India. With the launch of this innovative solution, the company has demonstrated its commitment to becoming the leading developer of sustainable mobility solutions that address the gap in unreasonable material transportation methods in a range of markets. After this electric rickshaw, the autonomous rickshaw is the next innovation planned by Technovos.

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