Test different home remedies that will make your Valentine's Day flowers last longer

Test different home remedies that will make your Valentine's Day flowers last longer


Roses are red, violets are blue, and these water solutions can help those flowers bloom.

Love can last a lifetime, while flowers received as a token of said love certainly won't – but there are ways to extend the life of your Valentine's Day bouquet.

A life hack expert who goes by the name 'The Gooch' on social media has revealed the best solution to keep cut flowers alive longer than water alone.

“We're testing what works best to keep your flowers fresh longer,” the former Las Vegas-based Ringling Brothers Circus clown said in a video that has now garnered more than 12.2 million views.

In a 7-minute clip posted just in time for the heart-shaped holiday, he conducted an experiment to test the longevity of a single red rose in different water-based solutions mixed with a battery of secondary ingredients: sugar, bleach, and red. Bull energy drink, pennies, popcorn kernels, 7-Up, alkaline batteries, denture tablets, aspirin, and of course the flower food package provided by the florists, which itself contains sugar, bleach, and citric acid.

The TikToker tested ten solutions to see which ones help water last longer. TikTok/The Gooch
The 7-Up soda solution did not help the flower bloom, but rather it looked “sad.” TikTok/The Gooch

“You want to cut the ends to fit your vase and make sure the leaves are removed,” he initially advised.

With guidance from a “florist friend,” he said that sanitizing ingredients such as bleach, denture tablets and those found in traditional flower foods help neutralize and kill harmful pathogens in the water.

The former circus clown left the floristry experiment for seven days, wrapping each vase in neon paper cylinders for a controlled environment, exposing the flower only from the top opening.

He examined a freshwater vase first which showed disappointing results as the flower head turned over and lost its vibrant colour.

“Let's check the aspirin (and) see how it goes,” he said, which did not sound as lively as he had hoped but remained strong. “7 Up sounds sad,” he added of next in line.

Each vase was wrapped in roller paper to reveal how well they had been in the mixture for a week. TikTok/The Gooch

However, the dental bar solution showed that what was thought to be a failure has become one of its top contenders. “Wow, that looks absolutely amazing,” he announced. “This sounds really good.”

The battery solution also sparked life into the flower, which appeared full of color despite remaining in the corrosive water.

Meanwhile, other mixtures he tried, such as bleached sugar solution or Red Bull, did not do well.

In the end, The Gooch found that tablets, popcorn kernels, flower food, pennies, and batteries had the best results — and in general, flower food and pennies worked best for keeping the flower in top condition.

He added bleach and sugar in one bowl, but it didn't have good results. TikTok/The Gooch
Flower food and pennies are best at keeping the flower in peak condition TikTok/The Gooch

Viewers of The Gooch experiment reacted to the viral video by sharing their favorite plant solution.

“I prepare flower food, copper pennies (b4 1983) and ice cubes in water. Replace the water weekly. One observer suggested the flowers will last for 3-4 weeks.”

“The most effective thing is to change the water every day (I'm a florist) – flower food contains food (sugar) and a little bleach too to try and reduce bacteria, but clean water is the most beneficial!” Florist recommended.

“The final (trick) is to leave it on the rose bushes, it's the best way,” one gardener joked.

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