The 15 best fall flowers and perennials for your garden

The 15 best fall flowers and perennials for your garden

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Autumn flowers caryopteris
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This beautiful shrub begins to bloom in late summer and early fall. Its beautiful blue flowers are a favorite of pollinators.

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Autumn flower mums
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Mums are always a favorite fall flower because they come in every color imaginable from creamy white to hot pink. Plant them as early as possible in late summer or fall so they can establish roots to survive the winter and come back next year.

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They were Lily

Autumn flowers canna lily
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You may think of canna as a summer flower for its tropical appearance with its large, bold, banana-like leaves. But its exotic-looking flowers continue to bloom until frost, so you can enjoy its colors well into the fall. In zones 6 or colder, you will need to dig up the roots after a frost to save them for replanting next spring.

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Fall asters
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These beautiful, fringed flowers come in shades of pink and purple and bloom prolifically at about the same time as the mums. Pollinators love them!

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Heuchera autumn flowers
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This beautiful plant is grown most for its gorgeous leaves, which come in colors ranging from lime green to dark burgundy. It has a beautiful mound shape that is especially attractive when planted in groups. It also does well in containers.

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Montauk daisy

Fall daisies in Montauk
Michael Blanc//Getty Images

These hardy perennials have leathery green leaves and classic bright white chrysanthemums that bloom very late in the season. In warmer climates, it can bloom well into November.

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It will last

Sedum autumn flowers
Andrew Wu//Getty Images

There are many types of sedums but upright shapes are great choices to provide lasting fall color. Sedum flowers are easy to grow, tolerate poor soil, and bloom for weeks and weeks. They also provide much-needed late-season nectar for pollinators.

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Blanket flower

Autumn flowers blanket flower
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The bright colors of the blanket flower make it a welcome addition to the fall garden. Bees and butterflies love it!

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Russian sage

Autumn flowers Russian sage
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Beautiful silvery foliage and purple spikes of flowers make this perennial a beautiful addition to the garden. It blooms for weeks from mid-summer to fall.

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Rose bush

Autumn flowers rose bush
Photos by Barbara//Getty Images

Roses are not as picky as you think. Shrub roses are some of the easiest to grow and will bloom well into the frost, so they are a great addition of color from spring to autumn.

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Japanese anemones

Autumn flowers Japanese anemone
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Delicate flowers of Japanese anemone blow in the wind on long stems. It blooms for weeks from late summer to fall.

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Falling coneflowers
jacquesdurocher//Getty Images

This prairie native has cone-shaped flowers that persist vigorously throughout the fall. It’s available in a range of colors from hot pink to deep coral to creamy white.

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Autumn hydrangea flowers
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

Hydrangeas bloom from mid-summer through fall. They come in a range of sizes, so read the description on the plant tag or label so you know what you’re buying.

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Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan autumn flowers
AnitaVDB//Getty Images

It’s impossible not to love the smiling faces of black-eyed Susan. This North American native blooms from late summer to fall.

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Rose of Sharon

Autumn flowers Rose of Sharon
We died//Getty Images

When the rest of the garden fades, the Rose of Sharon remains strong. The newer species grows vertically, so it works even in compact spaces.

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