The 20 best lily of the valley perfumes are so dreamy

The 20 best lily of the valley perfumes are so dreamy

Slightly sweet and soft floral, lily of the valley has been a staple fragrance for decades. It is a favorite scent of Christian Dior, and gained popularity in the 1950s thanks to the house scent Diorissimo. Today, notes of the flower can still be detected in many of Dior’s most popular fragrances (some of which are among the most popular perfumes of all time).

Like many trends first established by Christian Dior, the popularity of floral scents has continued to this day. “[Lily of the valley]evokes a day of simple pleasure, much like the first warm day of spring,” says Steve Murmuris. CEO and Founder The beauty of the smell.

What does lily of the valley smell like?

Not to be confused with the standard lily, it grows in spring in white, bell-shaped buds along a long green stem. “Lily of the valley, or Muguet In French, it has a sweet scent infused with dew that is alternately sweet and green. He explains Grandma’s rice. “It’s strongly associated with the advent of spring and new beginnings. It’s noticeably feminine and timeless without being old-fashioned.” (Fun fact: Kate Middleton had lily of the valley in her bridal bouquet for her wedding to Prince William.)

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Kate Middleton with a lily of the valley bouquet in April 2011.

What scents go well with lily of the valley?

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