The 3 best lawn mowers of 2023

The 3 best lawn mowers of 2023

Cutting grass is a chore, but it’s a task you might actually look forward to with the Ego LM2156SP Power+ 21-inch Select Cut XP mower.

When it comes to convenience, a good cordless mower trumps any gas option, as it requires no fuel, emits no exhaust, and requires minimal maintenance. This Ego mower stands out from all other cordless mowers with its powerful power, long run time, short charging time, double-brushed cut, excellent mulching ability, and user-friendly interface.

Our choice

The self-propelled lawn mower has an hour-long battery life and can easily cut overgrown grass. It also saves you the noise, emissions and maintenance of a typical gas mower.

The Ego LM2156SP Power+ 21″ Select Cut It has a longer run time than most cordless mowers, as well as a faster charging time. Compared to gas mowers, the LM2156SP is hassle-free – no trips to the gas station, no checking oil levels, no spilled fuel, and no emissions. The LM2156SP also improves on previous Ego mowers in terms of power and run time, and has intuitive speed control and two blades (a feature usually only found on high-end mowers), ensuring an even cut and efficient mulching. When you’re not using the mower, you can fold the handle and store it upright.

Typically retailing for around $850, the LM2156SP is an expensive mower—in fact, it’s about the same price as premium gas models. But after reviewing mowers for nine years, and seeing the full range of features and capabilities of the best gas and cordless models, we’re convinced this mower is the most satisfying.

runner up

This mower isn’t as refined as our main pick, but for a more basic, self-propelled cordless model, it’s an excellent choice.

If our top pick is out of stock or simply doesn’t fit your budget, we also like the Ego LM2135SP Power+ 21″ Select Cut Mower. This model is our previous top pick, and like our current top pick, it has a long run time and a short charging time. It’s almost the same as the LM2156SP, but it’s slightly less powerful and equipped with a smaller battery, so it has a shorter runtime, up to about an hour in ideal conditions. But this model remains a high-performance cordless mower, and we prefer it to all but our top pick of the other models we’ve tested or researched.

Great too

The dual blades of this reliable gas mower trim the grass with precision, and its unique system allows you to select the percentage of grass you fill and cover.

If you’re not ready to go wireless yet, we recommend the self-propelled Honda HRX217VKA. In terms of cut quality and ability to keep grass healthy, it’s one of the best self-propelled mowers available, mostly thanks to a pair of features: a two-blade cutting system that delivers golf course-like results, and a unique way of cutting grass. Dial in the exact mulch-to-fill ratio to compensate for different turf conditions. Combine all that with this mower’s other powerful details, like the big 200cc engine and rear-wheel drive to help get through tall grass or hills, and you get enough power to justify the hefty price tag.

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