The 7 best bathroom plants that absorb moisture

The 7 best bathroom plants that absorb moisture

This time of year is notorious because problems such as mould, dampness and condensation in our homes become common. Nowhere is it more prevalent than in the bathroom, where we add to the perfect environment for these nuisances the steam from the shower. But fortunately, we found for you the best bathroom plants that absorb moisture.

So, if you are looking for some bathroom plant ideas to prevent and help get rid of existing mold and the like, you have come to the right place as these seven houseplants naturally absorb excess moisture in the air, similar to the best dehumidifiers. But admittedly they are not like Powerful as a good dehumidifier.

We’re very loyal to our dehumidifiers here. And if you’re wondering if you can use a dehumidifier in the bathroom, the answer is that you can as long as there is proper ventilation and air circulation. But adding some moisture-absorbing plants will not only be an aesthetic feature in your bathroom, but in conjunction with a bathroom fan, opening windows regularly and using a dehumidifier, it’s a winning combination to combat nasty mould, condensation and dampness.

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The best bathroom plants that absorb moisture

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