The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas is booming with a new summer show

While the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens change hands several times a year, the newest incarnation of the attraction is particularly stunning. summer show, Majesty: the majesty of naturepresents a fantasy world, including the embodiment of the masculine and feminine aspects of nature mixed with eccentric, larger-than-life creations.

Rooted in the meaning of greatness, Majesty: the majesty of nature “It represents the beauty of Mother Nature and the transformative energy that awakens during the summer season,” designer Ed Libby said in a press release. “Each element of this display plays an important role in the message, symbolizing the fresh breath of life that summer brings and the growth that stems from the season.”

Inside the conservatory you’ll find four garden beds, each with its own vista and a stunning mix of plants, trees, shrubs, sculptures, water and other elements. In the South Bed, the feminine side of nature is personified in the form of an 18-foot-tall partial figure holding a butterfly in her hands as water flows from it, and rose blossoms seem to fall from her hair and grow and grow. In the opposite north bed, the masculine side of nature is shown through a 23-foot-tall sculpture surmounted by the figure of a seated man, who appears to be contemplating the wonders around him as water drips from a pitcher. Video screens with waterfalls and other scenes make up the background.

Occupying the center of the large western bed is the essence of Mother Nature rising from the ground and represented by a pair of graceful 28-foot arms whose hands are filled with massive flowers each several feet across. More of these flowers (which look like crocheted pieces) are scattered throughout the bed; Together, 20,000 preserved roses make up the flowers. These flowers are echoed elsewhere in the exhibition by huge, soaring blooms that seem to emerge from the ground. A flight of stairs leads to what looks like a fairytale dwelling in a tree. On the east bed, meander through a stone path to a tall fountain made of pots. This area is a good place to view the western bed. On each side are whimsical human elements, such as a man covered in an oak leaf, and a creature emerging from an oversized bowl.

Throughout the garden you’ll find an incredible number of plants, such as 15,000 succulents and 11,541 potted plants and flowers. There are also 1,100 pounds of moss and 10,800 branches decorated in purple and white on the attraction’s wisteria trees. Birds and butterflies abound, and the delicate scent of flowers fills the air – and you can take this scent home with the “Majesty” candle sold next door at the Giardini Garden Store. (Bonus: spy the area behind the hotel lobby. It’s a truly charming courtyard, matching the display of the conservatory, with live plants and elements like giant butterflies.)

Another great display in the conservatory is The Garden Table. At each seasonal show, this is in a different location, and here it is under the roots of the Western Bed tree. You can get brunch from Sadelle’s Café or dinner from Michael Mina; Reservations for this experience are required at 702-693-7317.

Bellagio, 702.693.7111

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