The best place to plant peace lilies in your home, according to a plant expert

The best place to plant peace lilies in your home, according to a plant expert

Peace lilies are a beautiful plant with green leaves and white-covered flowers.

However, although they are gorgeous to look at, they may not be the best to care for due to their reputation for being a fussy houseplant. Fortunately, it becomes easier to care for them once you understand their needs.

The thing that all peace lily plant owners should know is where to keep them. According to plant retailer Frosts Garden Centre, peace lilies “bloom best” in bright but indirect light, producing one or two covered white flowers that last for more than a month.

Experts noted that peace lilies, as rainforest plants, like a warm, humid and semi-shaded environment. This means that you will want to avoid placing it directly in front of a window that regularly gets hot afternoon sun as this will burn the leaves.

As a result, experts suggest keeping houseplants in a humid room, such as the kitchen or bathroom. You can place it in a room on a shelf or desk where it is exposed to indirect sunlight. However, plant owners are warned that if the leaves begin to turn yellow, this is a sign that it has been exposed to too much light.

Experts suggest keeping the houseplant in a damp room, such as the kitchen or bathroom(Image: Getty)

Alternatively, owners can place it near other plants. Interestingly, their status as a group will create their own microclimate.

Experts warn that if peace lilies are kept in dark areas without any sunlight, they will not produce flowers. The plant will grow itself but will not get white flowers. Once the flowers fade, experts recommend deadheading to keep the plant looking neat and to speed up the next flowering process.

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