The City of Wappinger is reviving its Dahlia Festival

The City of Wappinger is reviving its Dahlia Festival

Hello Hudson Valley! This is Connor Walsh, host of In Touch, Townsquare Media’s award-winning Hudson Valley public affairs and issues program.

This week’s episode of In Touch marks the return of Joey Cavaccini, Wappinger City Supervisor and Wappinger City Historian. Together, Joey and I delve deeper into the extended history of Dutchess County, and how that history still affects us today. Joey goes to the recent expansion of Reese Park, the upcoming events of the First Saturday Wappingers, and the spirit of the Dahlia Festival. Fun fact, Wappinger was once the Dahlia Capital of the World. You can hear the full history about it in this episode.

We invite you to join us and listen to a pre-recorded conversation between Joey Cavaccini and me here on In Touch.


That was this week’s edition of IN TOUCH, the award-winning public affairs and issues program run by Townsquare Media on Hudson Valley radio stations. We want to say a huge thank you to Joey Cavaccini

For more information about the Wappinger Historical Society, visit

To learn more about Joey Cavaccini, visit

To watch First Saturday Wappinger, visit

To learn about the Town of Wappinger office, visit

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