The DIY expert shares the new wall decor she created for her home

The DIY expert shares the new wall decor she created for her home

A DIY fanatic left people in awe after sharing the new decor she made for her wall, with everyone pointing out the same thing.

Sometimes a beautiful feature on the wall can make your home look more stylish in just seconds – and it looks like one woman decided to see if she could make it happen herself.

Although the feature wall looked stunning, not everyone was a fan of the DIY projectCredit: Tiktok/@decoracao.ambientes
Terrified people rushed to the comments, warning her about dust and spidersCredit: tiktok/@decoracao

A DIY enthusiast, whose identity remains unknown, posted a clip of the glowing wall on TikTok, which was later reshared by user @decoracao.ambientes.

The now-viral video, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times in just a few days, shows the woman pinning a number of popular pampas grasses to her plain white wall.

In all, there appear to be more than a dozen of them, each with a different length and a variety of neutral colors, such as tan and beige.

To complete the easy project, I also used an LED light that said “Home Sweet Home” in elegant print, as well as some fake flowers scattered around.

But while the woman may have been outraged by the results, people online weren't so sure about the transformation.

More than 300 social media users chimed in to comment as they all seemed to have the same concern – pampas grass attracts creepy crawlers and other unwelcome guests.

One wrote: “Good habitat for spiders and mosquitoes.”

Another person added: “The dust collection will write me off.”

“All I think is there is a place for spiders to hide,” said one horrified TikTok fan.

Meanwhile, a fourth thought it would be a nightmare for those suffering from hay fever, writing: “My allergies could never be like this.”

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''How could you dust that?'' The person was puzzled.

Do you suffer from dust in your home? Then look no further, one smart mom has come to your rescue with an easy three-ingredient trick to tackle this problem.

Cleaning expert Carolina McAuley, from Australia, shared in a video her secret trick to keeping her home dust-free.

Best of all, this genius hack uses affordable ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

In the video, the Australian parent fills a spray bottle with two cups of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of olive oil, and three drops of dish soap.

For extra taste and to get that fresh scent in your home, you can also add a few drops of citrus essential oil, as Carolina also did.

After she was done, the savvy mother of two sprayed the mixture onto a microfiber cloth and wiped down the dustier surfaces in her home.

According to cleaning enthusiasts, the mixture “perfectly removes and repels dust.”

The best part? The teacher also added that she has to repeat this task only once a month to have a dust-free home.

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