The dried pampas grass trend is alive and well, according to celebrities

If there’s ever a plant that has achieved anything close to the viral status of fiddle leaf fig, it’s dried pampas grass. Feathery flowers have been around forever (they are a plant, after all), but it was only recently around 2019 that they emerged as one of this year’s must-have decors. Since then, it’s been everywhere – it’s hard to find a cool girl’s house without at least one big groupie sitting in the corner. Although it has been some time since this trend first started, it is still going strong even in 2021.

In fact, you can still find them in the homes of many celebrities, including some of the most stylish and design-savvy. Stars like Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, and Hilary Duff have all included dried pampas grass in their homes — some even in multiple ways.

Although it may seem like a “boring” item to be obsessed with, there are some obvious reasons for its continued popularity. Not only does it fit into many spaces thanks to its (usually) neutral tones, but it also adds an unexpected dose of texture for a small amount of money and is low-maintenance. In addition, it is incredibly versatile: as the celebrities who love it explain, it can be transformed in many ways. So, if you don’t need another vase, it fits many other uses.

Read on to find out how they’re using it in their homes in 2021 — and start purchasing dried pampas grass sticks from TZR to mimic its look in your own space.

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Dried pampas grass: in a vase

Jessica Alba knows how to create stylish backgrounds for her virtual calls and Instagram videos, and one of her favorite elements is pampas grass. In her own space, she chose to combine the relaxing richness of the teal room with the beach vibe with a large rattan vase filled with long, delicate stems. Her copy is perfect for making a statement or filling an empty, awkward corner.

Dried pampas grass: as a wreath

Hilary Duff uses dried pampas grass in many ways in her home, but one of the most creative uses is this (almost hidden) wreath. Follow her steps if you want something more textured than a picture frame on your walls – the piece is beautiful with just grass (pampas or otherwise), or paired with other dried elements, like flowers.

Dried pampas grass: as a centerpiece

One of the best properties of dried pampas grass is that it can be paired with almost anything, which means it is a beautiful addition to floral centerpieces. Combine a few of the stems with other unique plants, and if you’re feeling really creative, choose brightly colored herbs like Whitney Port did on her own table to add an extra touch to the arrangement.

Dried pampas grass: in order

Dried pampas grass isn’t just for vases, and centerpieces aren’t just for tables. Break all the rules à la Chrissy Teigen and use your legs to create a feathery installation like the Cravings founder. (However, the model has this plant all over her space — so if you’re not interested in a statement of this magnitude, you can still follow in her footsteps with a few pieces on a bookshelf or table.)

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