The new Le Jova collection is a combination of nostalgia and innovation

Keeping up with the latest design trends can be a never-ending battle, so it’s refreshing to see a long-time design favorite embracing its enduring legacy. Lee Jofa, known for revolutionary textile techniques and classic prints, celebrates 200 years with a collection that can be summed up in one word: timeless.

The 200th Anniversary Collection features a range of fabrics, wall coverings, rugs and furniture in a robust collection of 16 classic prints that take us through decades of design. Each fabric in the collection comes in two new colors that give these timeless prints a contemporary lens.

Lee Jova

Colors like denim, berry, gold, moss, slate, and terracotta intersect with prints that are a mix of current staples and archival favorites—including Floral Bouquet, which appeared in the home of the prince of chintz, Mario Buata.

“The Lee Jofa Bicentennial Collection reimagines the eclectic range of beautiful designs the company has offered throughout its illustrious history as one of America’s most prized decorative fabric resources,” explains Stephen Elrod, Lee Jofa’s creative director. “We were inspired to translate these important designs through qualities, constructions and colors in a way that resonates with today’s interiors.”

Lee Jofa's 200th Anniversary Collection in modern blue and green

Prints from the Lee Jofa 200 collection

Lee Jova

Aside from introducing updated colorways, the iconic styles are also getting new treatments. For the first time, the Tree of Life and Hollyhock – all-time favorites of interior design icon Bunny Williams – will be offered as wall coverings. Other updates include Chinese Brocade introduced with a gorgeous new satin treatment and a mesh-filled Strapwork print in brushed linen.

“When looking back at the earlier eras of Lee Jofa fabrics, wallpapers and trims, we are confident that today’s interior designers and their clients will feel the classic nature of the collection and how it will be cherished for generations to come,” says Elrod. .

Lee Jofa's classic prints in a filing cabinet

Lee Jova

With origins dating back to 1823, innovation has always been at the heart of Lee Jofa. In the 19th century, Arthur H. Lee — the Lee in Lee Jofa — discovered the greater potential and layering capabilities of the jacquard loom, adding more color and depth to patterned designs. In addition, this spirit of adaptation encouraged a revival of hand-painted tapestries that had fallen out of favor during the Victorian era. Now, Elrod wants that legacy to continue.

“Our goal is to continue to maintain the values ​​of craftsmanship and luxury that have brought us to this point, and to continue to inspire generations of designers to come,” says Elrod.

While 2023 marks Lee Jofa’s bicentenary, the legendary brand has transformed itself over the past two centuries, adapting with the times to remain relevant in the world of design. We can’t wait to see what the next 200 years will bring.

To purchase the Lee Jofa 200th Anniversary Collection, visit Kravet Inc.

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