The University of Leicester is set to sell a number of its buildings to help fund improvements to its botanic garden. The sales are part of the university’s 10-year masterplan to maintain and improve its estate in the Oadby area.

It has earmarked a number of properties it will sell in 2023-24, all of which are located on Stoughton Drive South. These include a number of accommodation blocks such as Digby House, Inglewood, Highgrove, Hastings House and Meadowcourt Blocks.

The university said the money raised from the sales “will enable long-term investment” in its properties in the city. This includes working alongside Oadby, Wigston Borough Council and others to promote the botanic garden.

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Described as a “true oasis in the neighbourhood”, the Botanic Garden in Glebe Road was opened in the 1920s, and the grounds feature an extensive collection of plants, woodlands, gardens and a series of greenhouses displaying temperate and tropical plants. The 16-acre site is free to enter seven days a week.

Kirsty Woodward, Director of Estates and Campus Services at the University of Leicester, said: “We are committed to Oadby and have no plans to leave, but we look forward to investing and enhancing our properties at Oadby over the next 10 years.

“Although all of our properties are compliant with safety regulations, some now require greater long-term investment. Our plans focus on investing in quality, while disposing of a small number of properties, in order to reinvest in our remaining accommodation of Our 1,600 bed space at Oadby, the Botanic Garden and our estate as a whole.

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