These will be the most trendy houseplants of 2024

These will be the most trendy houseplants of 2024

Do you want your home to look new and updated? All you need is a plant (or two or three). No one ever regrets buying a houseplant. But with so many options available, how do you choose? Whether you’re looking for something easy to maintain or to give yourself a plant parent some challenge next year – here are the hottest houseplants for 2024.

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Ficus schifferiana

According to Paris Lallicata, The Sill’s plant expert, Ficus shivereana is having a moment in the final months of 2023. This will continue until 2024. “It has beautiful, variegated foliage unlike any other Ficus species we’ve seen.” . Plant lovers or even rare plant collectors are sure to get their hands on this plant.

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Aspidistra Elatior (cast iron plant)

Lalicata told me that cast iron mills are hotter than ever. “We think this underrated, low-maintenance plant will be late in the spotlight for 2024. A lot of plant parents are always looking for low-maintenance plants to decorate their homes and this plant fits the bill. There are also variegated versions of this plant for those who like a little pop .

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Dracaena trifasciata (snake plant)

Several years ago, snake pants made their way onto the scene and haven’t left since. Lalicata predicts they are here to stay for the long term. “Snake plants have long been a staple in every plant parent’s collection and in offices. With the ever-increasing amount of cultivars and cultivars emerging, we anticipate a surge in interest in snake plants in the new year due to the variety of their stunning foliage.

Succulent arrangements

Plants that don’t need much watering and can be a part of the desert landscape have taken over the last few years, especially due to high water costs and shortages. Lalicata believes succulent arrangements will be big in 2024. “Their unique and varied shapes, colors and textures make them versatile for creative arrangements, contributing to their popularity year after year.”

Fruit trees

Why have “farm to table” when you can have “yard to table”? Fruit trees, especially citrus, are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Lalicata believes this is partly because the olive trees have become the trees He. She They will be planted in 2023. “The growing interest in gardening and sustainable living has led people to explore growing these manageable fruit trees within the confines of their homes, usually with the help of grow lights,” she explains.

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Plants with unique leaf shapes

Plants with unique variations will continue to be a trend next year, says Kaylyn Hewitt, principal floral designer at The Bouqs Co. “Not only can plants bring that perfect green hue, but they can also serve as serious design elements into a space. Two of my favorites are the Ric Rac cacti (Zig Zag) and the Swiss Cheese Monstera (Two To Tango).”

Artificial plants

Interior designer Kate Dawson tells me that faux plants are here to stay. “They cost much less than live plants, and they last for years! Plus, you don’t have to struggle to make sure they get the right amount of light and water.

If you’re considering artificial plants but are concerned that they might look a bit fake, know that today’s high-quality artificial plants mean nothing real. “The only thing you have to do for maintenance is dust it off…but other than that, who knows?”

Don’t know where to start? You can’t go wrong with succulents, says Dawson: “They come in many sizes and are perfect for tucking into little nooks and crannies that need a little something to balance out the area.”

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