They pretended to give flowers. Police say they then burgled homes.

They pretended to give flowers.  Police say they then burgled homes.

Some people buy roses to attract their partners on Valentine's Day. But in Fairfax County, authorities say others have recently used flower bouquets as cover for home invasion robberies.

Fairfax County police said they charged four people Wednesday in connection with seven burglaries, including at least four cases in which the robbers came to the door with bouquets of flowers, knocked on the door and β€” when no one answered β€” broke in.

Fairfax County police charged John Paul Montesinos Neira, 34; Dilhan Jesus Steven Osorio Jara, 23; and Carla Alexander Vicencio Maysonette, 43, on multiple counts of burglary. Officials also charged King Jesus Arturo Morales Caruen, 27, and Vicencio Maysonet with conspiracy to commit a felony. Efforts to locate them or their representatives were not immediately successful.

Police have been investigating a series of break-ins across the province since December 28. In at least four of those cases, Vicencio Maysonet was caught on video approaching a home with flowers and knocking on the door, authorities alleged. When no one answered, they returned to a waiting car, and Montesinos Neira and Osorio Jara forced their way into the home and stole jewelry, cash and wallets, police said.

β€œIt's interesting,” Fairfax County Sheriff Brock Wright said at a news conference. “And now it's especially interesting because I'm expecting a big bunch of flowers to be delivered next week. We're coming up on Valentine's Day.”

Officials said the thieves broke into about seven homes in Great Falls, McLean, Oakton and Reston. In each case, officials said, the thieves tried to hide their identities by tampering with home surveillance cameras, sometimes using spray paint.

In January, police identified the vehicle the suspects were driving during the incidents, Wright said. Later that month, officials found the same car driving through a residential area in Cobb County, Georgia.

Wright said the Cobb County Police Department reported the vehicle was also linked to a burglary in their area. In this case, the robbers used the same tactic: A woman walked up to a home with a bouquet of flowers and knocked on the door, police said. When no one responded, the men went inside, Wright said. She added that the four suspects are also facing charges in this case.

Fairfax County Police said all suspects are being held in jail in Georgia. After the defendants go through the court system there, they will be extradited to Virginia to face charges in Fairfax County, Wright said.

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