This British Columbia tulip festival featuring 10 million flowers will take you to Europe this spring

This British Columbia tulip festival featuring 10 million flowers will take you to Europe this spring

Calling all flower lovers! Has dancing through rows of colorful tulips with a windmill rotating in the distance always been on your bucket list?

If so, you do not need to go to the Netherlands (or even leave the country) to write it off.

This spring, you can visit British Columbia’s massive tulip field, featuring rows of colorful blooms that will transport you to the fields of Amsterdam.

A massive tulip festival will launch in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland this spring, with endless photo opportunities and fun experiences among the colorful blooms.

The Harrison Tulip Festival, formerly known as the Chilliwack Tulip Festival, will kick off this spring, promising millions of flowers in a spectacular event.

The festival, which organizers say has the largest field of tulips in Western Canada, began in 2006, in Agassiz, British Columbia, where it has been held for 10 years. It was then moved to Chilliwack and ran as the Chilliwack Tulip Festival from 2016 to 2023.

Now, the festival has moved to Agassiz to a new farm located near Harrison Hot Springs, less than an hour and a half from Vancouver.

The festival is scheduled to start in April 2024, although specific dates have not yet been announced. According to organizers, the event will feature 10 million tulips, with more than 30 different types of flowers.

Visitors can also enjoy three acres of the farm’s specialty daffodils and double hyacinths, both of which come in multiple varieties.

New for 2024, the festival will feature a two-acre “display garden and display area” with more than 50 species of tulips and more than 10 species of lilies and fritillaria plants set among ripe fruit, nuts and flowering shrubs with grassy paths throughout.

There will also be two food trucks on site, one of which will serve stroopwafel, a Dutch delicacy that will add to the European quality of the experience.

There will also be plenty of photo opportunities around the playground, including a windmill, Dutch bikes and swings. Naturally, you’ll also have the surrounding mountain views that serve as the perfect backdrop for photos.

If you want to take some flowers home with you, you can find tulips, freshly cut lilies, potted tulips and other souvenirs at the farm shop.

Tickets will be available online and at the gate during the event. You can purchase a season ticket online at a special early bird price until April 1.

Harrison Tulip Festival

Price: $50+ per person for a season pass

When: April 2024, specific dates TBC

Address: 5039 Lugged Highway, Agassiz, British Columbia

Why you need to go: You can frolic in a field of 10 million tulips this spring in an experience that will take you far to the Netherlands.

Harrison Tulip Festival website

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