To the emergency room after a collision on the E39

To the emergency room after a collision on the E39

Subscription terms

The seller is Aarflots Prenteverk AS, Storgata 7, 6102 Volda
organized. 910031031
phone. 70 07 44 22
Aarflots Prenteverk AS is the seller

The Buyer is the consumer who placed the order and is hereinafter considered the Buyer/Buyer.

These Subscription Terms apply to everyone who subscribes to the print newspaper and/or digital product and service from the Seller. The Terms and Conditions may change without further notice, but in the event of significant changes, you will be required to read and accept the Terms again.
As a subscriber, you must ensure that the newspaper has the correct contact information for you at all times.
Newsletters and customer benefit programs can be included as part of the subscription and are sent via email, SMS, push notifications or media house channels.

Copy: All articles, photographs and graphics with further scaffolding are available for viewing/reading. Use and display other than personal use requires a written agreement with the newspaper. Businesses should not print materials for use by their employees or for commercial use by others. Reference is made to copyright law.

the product:
The product consists of the digital edition of the Møre newspaper, which can be read on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and the website with all its contents. The product can also contain the paper newspaper printed and delivered to the doormat/mailbox if requested.
More can offer various products:

In full:
With a full subscription, you can access all content digitally (PC, mobile, tablet) with e-newspapers and plus cases. In addition, the paper newspaper is delivered to the registered address.
Extraordinary newspaper publications are sold on paper in bulk only and do not form part of the subscription.
You can move the subscription to a new permanent address or to a vacation address. A fee may apply for some deliveries to a temporary address. Pause is not credited.

Subscription gives access to all content digitally (PC, mobile, tablet) through’s e-newspapers and portfolios plus.

Debt for students at the college or university level. Debt for students under 34 years of age. One of the conditions for the student discount is that we can contact you via email. A valid semester card and student ID card must be presented upon request. To be able to retain your student subscription, it must be submitted again before October 1 of each year. If we do not receive this by this date, the subscription will automatically change to a regular subscription. You will receive a reminder before the deadline expires.

The price of goods and services online is the total price that the buyer must pay. This price includes all taxes and additional costs. Prices for different subscriptions can be found under “Subscription”. Avisa reserves the right to change ongoing subscription prices at any time.
Subscription prices may be modified and new prices will appear on the Websites. For an individual subscriber, the new rates apply from the start date of the next subscription period.

The subscription is paid in advance and continues until canceled or not paid. Therefore, the seller requires payment from the time the purchase is completed. The buyer gets access to the product immediately.
Upon termination, the subscription ends for the period you paid for, but is then suspended. In the case of a promo purchase, the subscription will automatically change to a regular subscription at the regular price, unless the cancellation is received no later than three days before the expiration of the promo code, or you can cancel the subscription yourself on “My Page”. Buyers themselves are responsible for keeping track of when the code expires. Promotional. The regular price will then be charged to your payment card for a new period. If the regular price does not appear on the order form, you can find it on the seller’s website or by contacting the Customer Center.
Billing fees are additional for paper bills. Invoice fees are waived by paying with your AvtaleGiro card/invoice via email.

The product is delivered from the time of payment by constantly updating the website and two weekly copies of the e-newspaper/printed paper version. On some weeks when there are red days and holy days, Moore will appear differently and with less frequency. During the holidays, the frequency of posting is reduced.

Right of withdrawal:
The buyer can withdraw from the purchase within 14 days after payment, otherwise the subscription will continue until canceled by the buyer. If you don’t pay the bill, your subscription will also be stopped.


The subscription is binding until canceled by the purchaser, and the subscription cannot be canceled during the binding period. The buyer himself can, at any time, order the subscription to be stopped upon its expiration.
Termination can be in writing, either electronically on my page, or alternatively by mail or email to the Seller’s Customer Center or in person. The subscription ends during the period you paid for. This means that no refunds will be given.
If you do not pay your subscription within a reasonable time after it is due, delivery of the newspaper and/or digital access will cease and you will be invoiced for the amount due.

Shortage of goods:
If the newspaper is lost due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control, or other delivery problems, the seller’s liability for damages will be limited to what the buyer paid for the corresponding time period. A delayed newspaper will not provide compensation.
Access to digital editions/accesses is linked to your personal subscription. Delays or discontinuation of digital releases and services will not be charged.

Conflict resolution:
Complaints must be directed to the seller within a reasonable period of time. The parties must attempt to resolve any dispute amicably. If this does not work, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on phone 23400500 or

To be able to log in to the electronic newspaper, you must activate the “cookies” function in your browser. “Cookies” are used to identify our servers to your data, so they know each other.

In order to access our Internet Service and be able to use our Services, you must accept the terms of the Agreement. The terms of the Agreement cover all aspects governing the understanding between us as a supplier and you as a user. The terms of the Agreement are set out in our Terms and Conditions, which you can find on the registration form for new users and at the bottom of the login/my profile page.

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