Tom Schwartz speaks candidly about his love of plants in the home

Tom Schwartz speaks candidly about his love of plants in the home

Tom Schwartz has officially embraced his father’s vegan era.

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As you can see from the home tour video above, Tom’s obsession with plants is growing stronger by the day. In fact, in the season 11 premiere Vanderpump RulesTom spoke about his new love of filling his home with greenery and even giving it as a gift. “Being a new homeowner, you become obsessed with plants,” Tom said. James Kennedy giving him a housewarming gift. “I brought you a little Monstera.”

On the Vanderpump Rules after showTom explained that having many plants in his home allowed him to settle in easier. “Having the plants there, in a way, made it more like home,” he said. During an exclusive interview with, Tom revealed how many plants he owns and gave an update on their health under his care.

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How many plants does Tom Schwartz have?

“I think I have 26 plants now and they’re growing — I’m proud of them,” Tom told as he prepared backstage at the ceremony. VPR Season 11 reunion. “Everyone is healthy (and happy).”

Tom continued to enthusiastically highlight two plants he had recently added to his abundant plant collection. “I just got a new addition to the family, and I forget the scientific name… but the unofficial name is Boobie Cactus,” he said.

As for Tom’s other member of the plant canopy, he noted that it is just a “shrub,” adding that it is “really cool.”

You can check out some of Tom’s plants thriving in his “transitional bachelor pad” by watching the clip above.

Tom Schwartz shares how plants work at Schwartz and Sandy

Although Tom’s houseplants are thriving, the same can’t be said for the greenery in his pub, Schwartz and SandyWhich he has with him Tom Sandoval.

“The plants at Schwartz and Sandy weren’t doing very well. I have to be honest,” he admitted in defeat. “People forget to put them in the sunlight and water them.”

Although these factories did not receive the best attention from Tom’s employees, he took full charge of the situation, saying, “I got them there, so I’m kind of in charge of life.”

“I’m having some pangs of guilt — they’re not in good shape,” he concluded of the dead plants.

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