Top 10 mint that can be grown in local gardens

Top 10 mint that can be grown in local gardens

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This week, Ken Lane The Mountain Gardener of Watters Garden Center in Prescott shares the top 10 mint plants to grow in your garden. He writes about the different types of mint plants with pictures to help identify the plants. He then explains which type of mint is best for tea and cooking, which type of mint grows best in Prescott, which is the strongest smelling, and which type of mint is easiest to grow.

mint plants, Mint, are among the most common plants in Arizona gardens. It’s easy to see why mint is so popular. They are cold hardy perennials. Mint works as a delicious herb in the kitchen and as ground covers in the garden. The strong smell prevents deer and rabbits from eating its leaves, while creating a protective barrier that prevents insects from entering the gardens.

Mint can choke out other garden plants. Plant them where their ability to spread is a benefit, not a disadvantage. Here are 11 of the best types of mint that can be grown locally.

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American catnip It is native to much of the United States and Canada. In the kitchen, it is used in candy, jelly and tea. Traditional medicinal uses range from treating toothaches to treating hiccups.

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Apple mint Its leaves are light green and its flowers are bright white in summer. The oblong foliage on tall stems is ideally grown as a ground cover over banks, paths and rocks. Light apple flavor is ideal for use in cooking and tea. Watters’ Recipes: 10 Great Peppermint Teas.

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Mint chocolate “Chocolate” comes from its smell. The taste is actually orange. The foliage is darker green than most lavender flowers in summer. Daily use in drinks and desserts.

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Corsican mint It is another excellent option when you need a small plant. It forms dense mats of small leaves and has purple flowers. Beautiful when grown on the edge of containers. Because of its size, tendency to spread, and ability to handle some foot traffic, it is an excellent choice for growing among stones.

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Cuban mint mojito It is closely related to Cuba and the rum cocktail known as “mojitos.” Its strong aroma from the very large green leaves and its flavor have made it a favorite. See the original recipe for David Taylor’s famous Mojito Cubano cocktail.

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Mint – It gets its common name from its pointed leaves with pink flowers in summer. It is famously used for chewing gum in salads and tea. Grow the ‘Kentucky Colonel’ variety for its beautiful leaves and texture.

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pennyroyal – It is commonly used as a pest repellent. It is shorter than other mints with bright lavender flowers, and is ideally at home in the perennial garden with a less aggressive appearance.

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Top 10 Mints, Water's Garden Center, The Mountain Gardener, Keen Lane, Mint

Mint Its flowers are pink, its leaves are serrated on their edges, and their color is dark green. The scent of mint refreshes and relieves stomach upset. The daily use of this herb is as a tea flavoring and dried leaf.

Pineapple mint It is an apple and mint variety with variegated pineapple leaves. The leaves are so stunning that they are often grown for beauty in the garden. It is unparalleled in attractiveness, flavor and aroma as a garnish. Fruity notes blend well with fruit salad, jelly and tea.

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Water mint It has light lavender flowers and purple-veined leaves. As the name suggests, it loves to grow in water and is amazed at small water features. Salads, teas, and balms are delicious uses for water mint.

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Until next week, I’ll be here at Watters Garden Center helping local gardeners grow better mint all week long.

This article was written by Ken Lin. He can be found throughout the week at Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contact him through his website at or

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