Top 10 Plants for Fall Fragrance

Give your garden a new look with plants that provide color And Fragrance in autumn.

The air in the garden in autumn is full of gloom and sadness as the growing season of the year enters its final phase. Including plants that release an autumn fragrance adds an interesting touch to the atmosphere, spicing the garden with a sweetness that contrasts with the lingering air of faded glory that pervades it.

Autumn fragrance: top 10 plants

1 Enothera pennis

The glowing yellow flowers of Oenothera biennis. Image: Shutterstock

Evening primrose is a true garden classic. “True” because it seems to have been largely consigned to the history books as a plant that is no longer fashionable to grow. But try it and you’ll immediately understand the folly of such thinking: the cheerful buttery yellow flowers bloom in the evening, emitting a delicious scent. This tall biennial plant grows to a height of 1.5 meters and prefers well-drained soil and full sun.

2 Nicotiana alata

A long-lasting bedding plant, Nicotiana alata will produce its autumn fragrance until the first frost. Image: Shutterstock

The scent of the tobacco plant will add a touch of decadence to an evening stroll around the garden. At 60cm tall, it is less than half the size of the trumpet-flowered statue n. sylvestrisBut what it lacks in height it makes up for in fragrance. Delicate flowers are best preserved by planting them in semi-shade. Chiltern Seeds have a good range of seeds for spring planting.

3 Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Autumn fragrance
With its fall fragrance resembling candy floss or toffee apples, and colorful fall foliage, Cercidiphyllum japonicum is a great tree for medium to large gardens. Image: Shutterstock

In the fall, the brilliant color of the Katsura tree has the power to stop passers-by in their tracks. As its leaves age into a beautiful mixture of orange, yellow and pink, they release a molecule called maltol, the same molecule that is released when sugar is burned to make caramel. This slow-growing tree can exceed 12 meters tall.

4 Camellia sasanqua

There are many aromatic varieties of fall-blooming Camellia sasanqua. Image: Shutterstock

Seeing camellia blossoms late in the year is a sign of things to come when spring comes. It grows Camellia sasanqua In pots of lime-free compost next to a protected wall, because they need protection from extreme cold. They love the sun more than… C. japonicaBut its roots must be kept cool and shaded for a good flower display.

5 Daphne “Eternal fragrance”

Autumn fragrance
Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’ lives up to its name with an incredibly long flowering period. Image: Shutterstock

One of the most free-flowering daphnes plants—hence the “eternal” part of its name—it bears flowers on new growth and blooms from spring to fall. This small evergreen shrub has elegant, finger-like leaves, prefers full sun and a sheltered location, and grows up to 90 cm tall. Its clean, sweet fragrance is reminiscent of the richest soaps.

6 Solanus laxum “Album”

Solanum laxus “white”. Image: Shutterstock

The fragrant climber in flower in autumn is a real pleasure to taste, especially if planted near an entrance or path. Potato vine is potentially spreading, capable of spreading six meters high and wide, yet it seems that it will never become a serial killer: its slender, weak stems can easily be coaxed into the desired position or cut back if it begins to claim too much space. It is best planted in a sheltered place, as it is hardy only down to -5°C.

7 Eliagnus s ebbingei

Autumn fragrance
The flowers of Elaeagnus x ebbingei are often barely noticeable, but their autumnal fragrance is strong. Image: Shutterstock

The finicky nature of this evergreen shrub can mislead some gardeners who have not paid much attention to it. Its powdery stems and mottled foliage give no clue to its amazing advantages. Unpretentious at first glance, in the fall it bears clusters of small, fragrant tubular flowers. It grows to 4 m.

8 Gladiolus Morella

Gladiolus murielae, which you may find for sale under its former name, Acidanthera. Image: Shutterstock

This is certainly the most graceful of all tulips and the gardener who plants its bulbs in the spring will be richly rewarded in the fall. Growth does not appear until summer, when the plants have completely disappeared. The richly scented flowers follow the sword-shaped leaves, and grows to about 75 cm.

9 Slanted sun gold

Autumn fragrance
Aromatic silver leaves of Helichrysum italicum. Image: Shutterstock

Known as the curry plant, this evergreen shrub is often overlooked in favor of lavender. However, its silvery leaves have a stronger, spicier scent, and remain strong until fall. Mustard yellow flowers are also produced until fall, and the plant is drought tolerant, preferring steep drainage over winter.

10 To craft viburnum

A wonderful shrub for the fall and winter garden, Viburnum fareri deciduous. Image: Shutterstock

Winter-flowering ‘Dawn’ is always well received, but compact To craft viburnum It produces its best flowers in the fall, and blooms until spring. The flowers start out pink before turning white and releasing a fresh fragrance. It is more slender than ‘Dawn’, with gently arching stems, and grows to 2.5 metres.

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