Top 6 Silver Leaf Plants: Drought Tolerant Planting |

Top 6 Silver Leaf Plants: Drought Tolerant Planting |

Plants with silvery foliage can transform the garden border of any backyard. Silver-gray plants are eye-catching and attractive, work well with brightly colored flowers, and contrast effectively with pink, red or yellow colours. In fact, for those looking for flower bed ideas this year, plants and shrubs with silvery-gray foliage can enhance the aesthetic of your backyard.

In addition to the uniqueness of their silver-gray foliage, many of these shrubs and perennials are effective when used as drought-tolerant plantings. The silver or gray foliage is an evolutionary adaptation that helps the plant reflect sunlight and reduce water loss. Therefore, for those who are thinking about how to plan a dry garden this year, plants with silvery foliage are a suitable choice.

For those fond of Mediterranean garden ideas, both in terms of appearance and drought tolerance, plants with silvery foliage should definitely be a consideration. Fortunately for gardeners, many of the most popular full-sun flowering shrubs and other common perennials produce silvery-gray foliage. Here, experts share some of the best silver-leafed plants that will light up your garden this year.

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The best plants with silver leaves

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