Tori Kelly returns home with flowers from Beyoncé after being hospitalized

Tori Kelly returns home with flowers from Beyoncé after being hospitalized

Posted: 1:16 PM PDT, August 1, 2023

Tori Kelly Perfectly received a welcome home gift! When the 30-year-old singer He was released from the hospital after Suffering from blood clotsKelly was welcomed home with the flowers she sent Beyonce.

Kelly took to Instagram on Tuesday to share photos of her happy homecoming, one of which was a screenshot of a text from an unnamed sender.

“Hey! Hope you’re doing well! Beyoncé sent flowers home. No one was home so they left them under this tree,” Kelly responded by writing, “Ummm Beyoncé?”

The next photo in the slideshow showed Kelly hugging a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, presumably the one sent by the “Formation” singer.

In her post, Kelly also included a video of herself being lovingly greeted by her dogs, a photo of a card with pup paw prints, a photo of several flowers she received in the wake of her health scare, and shots of her watching TV, playing video games, and enjoying treats at home.

“Home sweet home,” she captioned her post.

TMZ I reported the news From Kelly’s admission to the hospital on July 24. At the time, media outlets reported that Kelly was receiving treatment for blood clots around her vital organs.

A source told the outlet that Kelly’s health problems began on July 23, when her heart started beating very fast while out to dinner in Los Angeles. Media reported that she began to faint, and remained “outside for a while” before her friends got into a car and drove her to the hospital.

The source told the site that upon her arrival, Kelly was admitted to the intensive care unit, where doctors discovered blood clots in her legs and lungs. The source said at the time that doctors were still trying to determine whether Kelly, who had been in and out of consciousness, had clots around her heart.

Her soon-to-be husband, Andre Murillo Update providedwrites on his Instagram Story, “Tori is smiling again and feeling strong. We’re not quite out of the woods but we’re seeing the sun. Just waiting for some more answers. Your love and kindness has been overwhelming. Thank you so much!”

Recently, Kelly spoke to herself For the first time to address the “unexpected health challenges” you face.

“It’s been a scary few days but I feel your prayers and can’t stop thinking about you,” she wrote in part. “I now feel stronger and hopeful but unfortunately there are still some things to figure out. I am so grateful to the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me.”

Shortly thereafter, Morello He thanked his wife’s fans She noted that she was “in much better condition.” The next day, TMZ mentioned Kelly has been released from the hospital.

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