Tribeca Citizen | The 2023 Shopping Local Gift Guide: For the Home

Tribeca Citizen |  The 2023 Shopping Local Gift Guide: For the Home

This first entry: For home. And good luck not shopping for yourself.

138 reads | Greenwich and West Broadway |
Michelle Arcos has been bringing exquisite home goods—both smart and beautiful—to Tribeca for more than two decades.
••• Looks like someone cared when they made them: hand-embroidered napkins from Paraguay. $65 for 4. Or cocktail napkins (I like the size, even for the table): $30 for 4.
••• The smartest diffuser, from Thucassi, and every room can use one. $84 and $108.

271 Church in Franklin
Galit Chai imports innovative, handcrafted goods from all over the world and has just moved their store from San Francisco to us.
••• Fun for the whole family: Handcrafted custom twine swing with birch or oak seat in four colors. $1523
••• Already on my list: South African sintered pots lined with metallic paints in four sizes. $99 – $480.

180 store
180 Duane | Hudson and Greenwich
Denise Williamson has added a floor of home goods and furniture to her clothing store.
••• I can’t say which is better: appearance or smell. Danish interior designer Oliver Gustav’s candles and obsidian rock diffusers come in several scents—our discerning, estrogen-heavy noses liked Eos the best. The glass jars are amazing. Candles $140-150; Jars are $385 with spray oil; Large rock with dropper, $175.
••• It’s hard to walk away from this $1,700 reversible patchwork cashmere blanket; But the whipstitched double-sided Italian blanket is also forgiving. $600.

145 Hudson on the beach
The Asian Antiques Shop curated by antique collectors Jocelyn Serfaty and Howard Ellens has been in the neighborhood for 20 years.
••• “Great texture – this screams its age,” Howard said. A 200-year-old Buddhist temple bell, hidden away when Mao set out to destroy all things Buddhist. $4500
••• PERFECT FOR ANY RUSTIC HOME: Mid-century American pottery carved with branches. $220 to $380.
••• Antique small ceramic bowls and vases, especially from Southeast Asia and the 1850s. $60 to $180.

Vidi resident Christine Cole (you know her from Taste of Tribeca) has her first brick-and-mortar to complement her events business. Watch out for the seasonal baking class: Royal Icing on December 12th.
••• Boska Round Cutting Boards are perfect for demanding charcoal boards and are very well priced (plus the company’s presence in the neighborhood): $65 to $197 for 22 inches (get the large board)
••• Bring You the Alps: Raclette Maker (Storable), Add Camembert Dipping Warmer: $25, $30.

140 W Broadway at Thomas
Calypso St. Barth’s founder applies her keen, intelligent eye to home goods.
••• Start a backgammon tournament with the family this holiday: stylish-looking sets in two sizes. $135-$235
••• LET THEM EAT CAKE: I’ll pair this French cake kit with my favorite cake recipes or perhaps even better, Madeleine’s favorite flourless chocolate cake covered in edible gold from Duane Park Patisserie. $95.

Elan flowers
1 worth in hudson
Ilan Flowers, a longtime Tribeca resident who just moved back to the neighborhood from SoHo, now has a lovely gift shop out front. And anything that goes well with the bouquet.
••• Ditch the text and rediscover the lost art of letter writing: this stamp and stationery set. $40
••• Candle snuffers are so fun to wear with these 18-inch tapers for Tribeca high ceilings. $52 + $40

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