Tulips, more tulips, and a clown named Scruffles: What’s new in April

Tulips, more tulips, and a clown named Scruffles: What’s new in April

A huge snow storm is making its way towards the Fraser Valley. Expect ice, arctic winds and buckets of drifting snow over the next few days.

The arrival of April in the Fraser Valley, along with a few April Fool’s jokes, brings the full arrival of spring. Flowers grow in the fields. The days are longer and the sun is likely to appear more and more often. A new season of agricultural festivals and competitions begins.


April is a big month for flowers and agriculture in the Fraser Valley. Much of the action this month will revolve around the rhythms of planting and the season of preparation, planting and growing.

Many flower festivals will return to the valley this month. Tulip festivals in particular abound.

The Harrison Tulip Festival, which began on Seabird Island in 2006 before moving to Chilliwack, will return to Agassiz this year. The 109-acre farm will be open to visitors starting April 8. It will contain 10 million tulips, as well as lilies, fritalia, double daffodils and more. This year, the festival added a new addition, which is a two-and-a-half-acre display garden, which includes a wide variety of different flowers and flowering fruit trees.

The newly rebranded Botanica Tulip Festival, in Chilliwack, plans to open in mid-April with 13 acres of colorful blooms. The festival features 59 different types of tulips that grow off Highway 1 at Yale Road, just over the Veeder Canal Bridge. The site also allows visitors to pick their own flowers and take them home.

Lakeland Flowers’ Abbotsford Tulip Festival is scheduled to begin on April 15. The farm’s 35 acres of tulips and flowers are filled with photo props including a baby grand piano and giant shoes (for some reason). Lakeland Flowers runs flower festivals all the time. Summer, starting with tulips in the spring and ending with sunflowers in the fall.

A different kind of celebration of flowers, the 94th annual Bradner Flower Show in Abbotsford will feature hundreds of daffodil varieties, many developed locally, and plants and shrubs for sale at wholesale prices. Proceeds from flower sales will go to Abbotsford Regional Hospital. The show will run from April 12 to 14, with an opening party featuring Scruffles the Clown. We wrote about the history of the show two years ago.

Horses and fields

Flowers It’s not all farm-themed springs in the Fraser Valley.

Langley’s Thunderbird Show Park will host the Show Park Grand Prix later this month, on April 20. Spectators will be able to see experienced and professional show jumpers in all their glory in the arena as they compete in the championship. The tournament is one of the first of 14 major events scheduled to be held at the park this summer.

For the (much) slower, but no less discerning, horses and drivers, the 102nd Chilliwack Plowing Match will be held at Greendale Acres in Chilliwack on Saturday, April 6. The event celebrates Chilliwack’s rich farming history and includes games and activities for horses and horse breeders. Spectators – and the chance to try the plow for themselves. There will also be a pancake breakfast by donation. In 2022, we wrote about what turns your average plow into a hero.

Starting April 4, Greendale Acres is also hosting the Sweet Spring Flower Festival, featuring spring flower gardens and visits with Lily, a baby sheep.

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– Tyler, Gotti and Grace.

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