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  • A pair of corpse flowers, famous for their unpleasant odor, are on display at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens
  • Stinkie began blooming on the evening of September 12th. The Stankosaurus Rex had not yet opened as of late morning on September 13th
  • Included with admission; Reservations are required on weekends and holidays

The concept of “twinning” took the internet by storm several years ago, although our love for delicious twin moments is still very strong.

No, we’re not talking about actual twins here, but rather when two separate people — or specimens, in this case — dress, talk, or do something similar in a charming, comment-worthy way.

And the winning twins in mid-September, at least around San Marino? We’re calling it: Stankosaurus Rex and Stinkie side by side dazzle every other dress-like duo.

Soon this decadent pairing, now on display at the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, will outshine any other contenders as well.

For Stinkie and Stankosaurus Rex, they are corpse flowers, large botanical wonders that have a remarkable and remarkable way of releasing a foul odor during their short blooms.

True: This duo has shown their talent in attacking sense of smell in the past. Fans of The Huntington will remember that both stars have been in the spotlight in recent years.

But they’re ready to wipe nearby noses again, and in fact, Stinkie is on a roll, having begun revealing her fringe on the evening of September 12.

This is an inspired move for the Stankosaurus Rex, Stinkie’s temporary best friend and closest neighbor, at least while she is on display at the Huntington Conservatory. The staff hopes to see the yet-to-bloom flower doing its stinky things in the coming days.

Of course, we’re kidding when we say – I wish? – That Stinkie inspires Stankosaurus Rex by blooming first; that Amorphalus of the Titans It’s always on its own schedule, so subsequent pants will do their job when they’re good and ready.

However, what would happen if both of these flowers were open at the same time?

From the nose? You might just have to swing by The Huntington to get a deep, smelly whiff.

This isn’t the first time Stinkie has had a bad boyfriend on her soon-to-be-blooming side: Green Boy was her sour boyfriend in 2021, when the pair reached their blossoming point around the same time.

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