UMass Chan presents 59 DNP students with white coats symbolizing “Beacon of Hope”

Three students in the Family Nurse Practitioner track, Basirat Qadri, RN; Monica Weyant, RN; and Jennifer Bogus, RN, proudly wore their white coats at the reception that followed the transition to clinical practice ceremony.

The Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing at UMass Chan School of Medicine presented white coats to 59 Doctor of Nursing Practice students on Tuesday, September 12, in a ceremony marking the transition to clinical practice.

The fragrance of fresh flowers filled the air in the Albert Sherman Center auditorium as family, friends, significant others and faculty gathered to support the advanced nurses.

“As your dean, I am honored to be the first nurse to congratulate each and every one of you,” said Joan Vitello Ciccio, Ph.D., registered nurse, Donna M. and Robert G. Manning Chair in Nursing, dean of the Tan Qingfen Graduate School of Nursing and professor of nursing. “Patients are entrusting you with their lives, presenting health challenges that are more complex than ever before. They ask not only for medical expertise, but also for your compassionate and emotional support.

“As you advance nursing practice, you will enrich the lives of your patients by encouraging them to adopt practices based on evidence and relevant data,” Dean Vitello Ciccio continued. “You will be a beacon of hope and guidance in their darkest hours. The future of nursing shines so bright in your capable hands.”

Terrence R. said: “This is a very happy occasion,” said Dr. Flott, M.D., Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor, Executive Vice Chancellor, and Dean of the TH Chan School of Medicine. “It is a momentous occasion as you put on your white coats to take on this new role – the mantle of being a service provider.”

Students read the Nursing Pledge
The students recited the Nursing Pledge at the conclusion of the program.

Janice Battista, a Worcester student in the adult geriatric acute care nurse track, explained that the white coat was traditionally given to medical students and that the Tan Qingfen Graduate School of Nursing adopted the practice to signify transition as advanced providers.

“It’s this inclusive world and we’re all united. We’re all working together to achieve the better goal of health care,” Batista said.

Israa Abdel Jaber, a student from Chicago on the family nurse practitioner track, was excited that her parents, husband, in-laws and grandparents traveled to support her.

“Nursing provides compassion to people and we do it with our hearts,” Abdul Jaber said. “To me, the white coat represents interprofessional care. As nurse practitioners, we will work with physicians and other professionals in our field. It demonstrates that we are providers together to help our residents.”

“Nursing provides a holistic approach,” Battista said. “It’s the best part about it. We’re treating a person, not a disease. That’s why we’re here.”

Geriatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Track
Dominica Boucher
Eric Grzebinski
Madeline Hayes
Jennifer Conjoyan
Patrick Kramer
Erica Marrero
Grace McCullough
Eileen Mungle
Melanie Ostegui
Sarang Raj
Brooke Rogers
Anita Tran
Robin Young

Family Nurse Practitioner track
Israh Abdeljaber
When I come
Karina Ashkar
Jennifer Bogus
Alicia Cove
Rachelle Dela Cruz
Andrea Ferland
Amanda Ford
Emma Gluzman
Julia Hibbert
Ranjana Jha
Vernell Linder
Annie Lee
Olga Markushova
Alyssa Menendez
Sonia Miraz
Michelle Oliveri
Colin Packard
Insights of my destiny
Connor Saliba
Shelby Shaw
Rebecca Smith
Gillian Stacey
Rachel Stroh
Yes, it ends
Sophia Webb
Monica Weyant

Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Track
Janice Batista
Nava Hosseininejad Bahramadry
Anupa Prajapati
Shannon Sherman
New Born Thing

Mental health nurse practitioner track
Daniel Appiah
Marly Boncourt
Kirsten Foulkes
Brandon Gentile
Janet Haas
Ellen Ingraham Shaw
Victoria Landry
Hello Mustafa
Emily Nolan
Audrey O’Neill
Raj Patel
Erica Powell Pearson
Gillian Reed
Joseph Tulip
Jaime Yates

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