Use indoor flower pots to spruce up your home decor; Here’s how | Lifestyle news

Use indoor flower pots to spruce up your home decor;  Here’s how |  Lifestyle news

With many people still working from home — a year after they started — they’re looking for a change of scenery. Although going outside is an option best avoided for now, you can instead beautify your interiors and add stylish and green additions to your work office.

Decorative indoor flower pots are in vogue, and are a source of “beauty, positivity, classic sophistication and effortless elegance within the walls of your home,” says Kapil V, co-founder of Bonacella.

In your home office, it’s time to redefine decor. So why not use small, easy-to-maintain indoor pots? Capel offers some interesting suggestions. Read on.

1. Choose the right planter

This can be a little difficult when you have so many options to choose from. You can start by understanding your space. Take a look at your interior design and think about the design and color of the planter that could best complement the existing interior look. Choose pots designed with color, texture and finish in mind.

2. Determine the locations of plants

This is another important aspect to consider. Although there are no fixed rules about plant placement, you can keep vibrant plants in the hall to welcome your guests, while considering placing soothing plants in meditation rooms. You can also consider keeping your favorite flowering plants on your bedside table, which will be the first thing you see every morning. Small indoor plant pots are a great choice for table tops, while medium-sized plant pots can be placed in corners.
In your home office, it’s time to redefine decor. (Source: Public Relations Bulletin)
3. Internal vs. external: Does it really matter?

Nowadays, there is a lot of hype around indoor plants. Understand that every plant is essentially an outdoor plant. A plant’s growth requirements determine whether it can be grown indoors or outdoors. If conditions like sunlight, temperature, humidity, etc. are met, this plant can thrive indoors. Doing a little research will help you overcome this strict distinction. You can experiment with the plants of your choice and see if they can grow indoors.

“Growing up, you certainly had the opportunity to look around at the flowers that bloomed. You may have collected many refreshing, serene and happy memories, whether it was playfully picking them in search of their fragrance and beauty, or chasing butterflies around. You can relive those days and relive them. “Connect with your inner child and nurture your plant with that innocence,” Kapil advises.

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First published on: 19-04-2021 at 19:10 IST

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