Valley News – 2023 Upper Valley High School Fall Sports Guide: Girls Soccer

Hanover trainer: Doug Kennedy (16)

League: NHIAA Division I

last year: 8-9

Returning: Seniors – Sophie Wise (C), Emma Campfield (C), Maeve Lee (C), Bella Hunt (F), Sid McLaughlin (F), Mia Bagnato (F), Elena Merke (D), Kieran Park ( Dr) ); Juniors – Nora Bradley (C); Sadie Ross (c); Ali Degel (D); Rhys Hamlin (D); Dahlia Fuld (D); Sophomore – Cozy Torresani (F).

New arrivals: Seniors – Nina Marshall (C), Erin Kirkpatrick (D); Juniors – Campbell Madden (centre). Freshmen: Grace Stewart (M); Lily Tyne (G), Malia Pratt (F), Joanna Bujarski (D).

analysis: Will eight returning seniors negate the graduation loss of seven others? Kennedy cites Hanover’s strengths as a team work ethic and the ability to play at a high level. Consistency and whether the Bears can steadily improve remain question marks. This is Hanover’s third season playing a full Division I schedule and they are 13-21-2 the past two seasons.

Hartford trainer: Jeff Acker (18)

last year: 1-14

League: Vermont Section II

Returnees: Senior – Dallas Kelly (D). Juniors – Morgan Curtis (d), Nicola Hausmann (c), Harper Fallon (g). Second year students: Deir Tallulah (D).

New arrivals: Sophomores – Rowan Dumont (D), Michaela Anderson (P), Serenity Martell (P). Freshmen – Paisley Danaher (G), Riley Martin (C), Aislinn Emerson (C), Jasmine Stoker (D), Katherine Somersell (D), Samantha Fraser (C), Payton Griswold (P), Sylvia Johnson (P) , Mackenzie Carrier (F).

analysis: “Hartford’s youth and inexperience will provide plenty of opportunities for our very talented ninth graders to shine,” Acker said. However, the Hurricanes are 10-30-1 over the last three years. Five players graduated earlier this year, and more than a half-dozen others have resigned, leaving one senior and three juniors. There are only 18 players in the program and, for the first time in recent memory, no junior college team. Sophomore Braelyn Park, whom Acker called a rising star for the program prior to last season, is among those who chose not to return, and sophomore Sadie Mullen is out for the season due to a knee injury she sustained during a spring lacrosse game.


trainer: Break Taper (8)

last year: 8-8

League: NHIAA Division II

Returnees: Seniors – Phoebe Ballard (F), Sidney Deschamps (C), Nora Falcon (B), Rena Graber (C), Isabelle Hamilton (C), Madison Jewell (D), Sophie Longacre (C), Abigail Ripley ( F). ); Sophomores – Sarah Foreman (center), Anneliese Hana (center), Marianna Otell (center), Brooke Walker (center).

New arrivals: Juniors – Nina Ellingson (B), Lucy Eshebo (B), Laura Haynes (C), Savannah Lindsley (F), Sage Murray (B); Sophomores – Mazie Angels (G), Charlie Hayward (B), Audrey Newton (Men/F), Peyton Rutherford (B).

analysis: The Raiders return six starters but will include new corners in goal. Taber said his team could start with up to six sophomores. He said, “We must be able to take advantage of the opportunities available to score and work as a cohesive unit, offensively and defensively.”


trainer: Mark Rockwood (2)

last year: 3-14

League: NHIAA Division III

Returnees: Seniors – Emily Sellers (M), Camden Aldrich (D), Natalie Petersen (G); Juniors – Bralyn Stone (D), Cora Peters (D), Emily Brewster (D), Jenny Lutz (D); Sophomores – Grace Clifford (D), Sonya Roberts (F).

New arrivals: Seniors – Alexis Patterson (C), Izzie Adams (C), Sophia Taylor (D); Junior – Andrea Fernandez (C); Freshman – Zofia Adams (P); Freshmen – Bella Davis (D), Clara Marks (D), Halia Sethi (P), Carly Hollis (D). Molly Gray (P).

analysis: The youth program has “changed in just one year,” advises Rockwood, noting the increase in player numbers from 13 to 20 and the return of six rookies. “The future looks bright,” he said. Petersen’s return from a concussion before the start of the season could be a factor, given that the program does not have experienced goaltenders. Fernandez is a Spanish exchange student.


trainer: Gary McCall (5)

last year: 3-13

League: NHIAA Division III

RETURNERS: Seniors – Emma O’Connor (D), Lauren Brewer (F), Adrianna Coleman (M); Juniors – Laila Trott (D), Torrence Williams (F), Casey Sanborn (F/M), Cheyenne Hannum (D), Skylar Nelson (G); Sophomores – Brooklyn Raney (F), Makayla Cossingham (C), Callie Dixon (D)

New arrivals: Sophomores – Aubrey Curtis (C), Lennox LaRochelle (D); Freshmen – Aubrey Joslin (C), Paige Hall (C), Glory Parker (G), Jecinia Santana (D), Abigail Tenney (C), Alidia Yurista (D/C).

analysis: Newport moved up to Division Three last season and the next step is for them to be able to compete consistently at this level. “We can definitely improve on last year’s win total,” McCall said.


trainer: Shannon Gold (2)

last year: 3-7-8

League: Vermont Division III

RETURNERS: Seniors – Hadley Allen (M), Lily DeGosh (M/F), Hazel Fahey (D); Juniors – Maggie Ellsworth (D), Callie Penn (F). Sophomores – Natalie Spear (D), Tessa Cook (D), Abby Peavey (F/M).

New arrivals: Sophomore – Ainsley Smith (M); Student – Anita Morse (C), Addison Marsh (G), Mackenzie Pearl (F), Mia Cloughston (C/D), Annabelle Smith (D), Brianna Marsh (F), Kenady Benson (D).

analysis: Oxbow reached the state finals in 2007, 2011 and 2013 but lost each time. The Olympians reached the semi-finals in 2018 but haven’t escaped the first round since then. A standout player and coach at Lebanon High School, Gould must field seven returning starters and eight newcomers.


trainer: Tim Goodwin (15)

League: Vermont Section IV

Last year: 5-11

Returnees: Seniors – Colleen Underhill (D), Elisia Sonsala (C), Lauren Smith (C), Lexa Smith (D); Juniors – Shaylee Carter (C), Erin Ricker (C); Sophomores – Allie Voegelin (C), Harper Trendley (F), Cokie Tomlinson (D), Lindsey O’Hearn (C), Mia Currier (F), Stella Star Worcester (D), and Yah Cook (G).

New arrivals: Juniors – Clara Boenen (D), Emily Oquendo (C). Freshmen – Lily Murray (F), Lisa Taylor (C), Autumn Powers (C), Sarah Champagne (C).

analysis: Last season was the Raptors’ first losing season since 2003 and under Godwin, who is 123-54-12. “We have a tough schedule against a lot of top schools,” Gowin said. “It will be exciting to watch this group become united, brave and play freely.”


Coach: Ben Diller (1)

last year: 3-12

League: Vermont Section IV

Returnees: Seniors – Anna Gnoud (M/F), Miriam Gorchomilia (M); Juniors – Macalister Gray (D), Abby Chase (G), Maddie Mintz (F), Avery Loftus (F), Elsa Skarsten (C); Sophomores – Lucy Proulx (D/M), Evelyn Murawski (C), Caitlin Seville (D).

New arrivals: Juniors – Maddie Shaw (F); Sophomores – Natalie Young (centre), Ava Lacaillede (centre), Alina Aydogan (center); Freshmen – Patten Gray (man), Olivia Halsey (man/j).

analysis: Fourth year head coach Andy Rudel departed after last year and seven seniors graduated. Chase is a first year goaltender. It’s been a long slide for Phoenix since going 13-1 and reaching the 2016 state title.


trainer: Tim St. Pierre (23)

last year: 16-2-1

League: NHIAA Division III

Returnees: Seniors – Maddie Minkler (F), Maddie Lavarnoy (D), Kaya Richard (C), Kelly Bondy (C), Maya Rice (C); Juniors – Bella Bofill (D), Navaye LeBlanc (D), Ria Kwik (C), Bri March (D); Second year students Addison Derosier (center), Riley Leonard (W)

New arrivals: Sophomores – Audrina Belton (G), Ella Munzer (MF); Freshmen – Maddie Chambers (C), Payton Ferland (C), Faith Norton (C), Alexis Castaneda (D), Kylie Ferland (D), Anna Cass (D).

analysis: Stevens scored 75 goals and allowed just five goals last season but fell in the state semifinals to eventual champion Guilford. The Cardinals graduated five players, including three who earned all-state honors. “Despite our youth, we can become a very strong team by late October,” said St-Pierre. “If we achieve our level, it will be difficult in the qualifiers.”


trainer: Patrick Perry (1)

last year: 1-13

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors – Zuriel Starr (Men’s/Women’s), Kelsey Boogie (Women’s/Women’s), Shannon O’Donnell (D); Juniors – Heidi Hughes (C), Ruth Wilmot (D), Ashlyn Osgood (D), Rebecca Osgood (M/F), Makayla Stanley (M/F), Elizabeth Waterman (C); Sophomores – Natalie Berry (M/F).

New arrivals: Juniors – Hanai Debo (M/F), Grace Elmer (D); Sophomores – Kayla Downing (D), Ailhia Labadie (M/F), Reece Kenny (M/F). Freshmen – Elizabeth Brown (M/F), Gabby Hayes (M/F), Aislinn Peters (M/F), Sarah Marcia (D), Leah Crossett (D).

analysis: The Panthers graduated four seniors, had seven players decide not to return and lost sixth-year coach Dave Williams, who went 6-23-1 over his final two campaigns after winning state titles during the first three. Perry describes himself as a first-year football coach with prior basketball coaching experience. “My expectation is that we learn to play basic football… and create a winning culture,” he said.

White River Valley

trainer: Kim Prestridge (5)

last year: 11-3-2

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors – Amara Calhoum Flowers (C), Tanner Drury (D), Sadie Kinsley (D), Anita Miller (D), Anna Stratton (C); Junior – Nora Harwood (F); Sophomores – Cassie Armstrong (C), Addison Isham (D), Ella Lafrobuise (G/F), Mackenzie Vesper (F), Imari Taylor (G/F), Logan Scott (C), Sarah Rule (C), Izzy Barnaby (F), Julia Bowen (F), Olivia Toller (F).

New arrivals: sophomore – Rihanna Young (G/F); Freshmen – Lucy Marcroft-Rickert (C), Belle Rollo (F).

analysis: WRV graduated top scorer Gillian Barry, but retains plenty of scoring power in Calhum-Flowers, Armstrong, Vesper and Harwood. The Wildcats will continue their strong defense led by Drury and Kinsley. The Wildcats’ roster includes several members of the school’s back-to-back girls state title teams.


Coaches: Jane Robb, Wendy Moody (1)

last year: 11-5

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors – Olivia McLey (P), Mia McAllister (D); Juniors – Audrey Robb (F), Brianna Barton (C), Brooklyn Currie (D), Sophia Dufour (C), Sophia Rockwood (G).

Second year students – Cassie Clark (D), Chloe Pecor (D), Gabby Crane (D), Kinsey Wescott (C), Lily Cave (F/M).

New arrivals: Sophomore – Billy Athorn (M/D); Freshmen – Abigail Brown (F/M/D), Jaylen Lehman (M/F), Olivia Larochelle (D), Reece Osgood (D).

analysis: Eight starters return from a program that reached the state quarterfinals last fall. Robb and McLay are a huge scoring threat, and Wescott and Barton also energize the midfield. McAllister is a solid defender against the powerful, athletic Rockwood. Former coach Jeff Bache resigned after last season, his sixth with the Yellow Jackets.


trainer: Greg LaBella (24)

register: 11-6

League: Vermont Section II

Returnees: Seniors – Sophia Nissemblatt (C), Chloe Massillon (C), Leah Kuhnert (C), Hannah Watson (C), Skye Cooley (C), Amelie Faber (C); Juniors – Gene Stout (C), Lily McCree (D), Aubrey Seaman (C), Olivia Grasso (F), Lucy Drebetko (D); Sophomores – Anna Fink (D), Sierra Bystrak (D), Maeve Roylance (C), Ella Lockhart (C), Mimi Kanda Olmstead (D), Fiona Piccone (P), Sadie Bowlboy (P).

New arrivals: Juniors – Erin McGuire (F), Pippa Scott (C).

analysis: Woodstock struggled with injuries last season but reached the state semifinals, and LaBella, 69, believes so strongly in the potential of this team that he delayed his scheduled retirement for another campaign. The Wasps, who were 2-5-1 just three years ago, have a roster of more than 30 players, solid numbers for a relatively small school.

– Trace Wykes

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