Walnut CEO Yoav Vilner and former Spendesk CEO James Colgan join Coho AI’s new advisory board

Coho AI, an Israel-based technology startup providing an AI-driven customer engagement and personalization platform to help businesses maximize income and lifetime value, today proudly announces the addition of two distinguished industry leaders to its esteemed advisory board: Walnut CEO, Yoav Fellner, former director of Walnut. Spendesk CPO, James Colgan.

The Coho AI Advisory Board, which already includes respected industry leaders such as Natan Linder, co-founder and CEO of Tulip; Yuval Marcus, CFO at Tulip; Eric Mirandet, Head of Product and Ecosystem at Tulip, has been pivotal in helping shape the company’s strategic direction and growth. Their invaluable insights and experience have been instrumental in shaping Coho AI’s vision and product offerings.

Today, Coho AI is excited to further strengthen its advisory board with the addition of Walnut CEO Yoav Vilner and former Spendesk CEO James Colgan. The addition of Yoav and James to the Coho AI Advisory Board represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. Their combined expertise will be beneficial as the company continues its mission to enable businesses to delight users and enhance their engagement.

Coho AI aims to redefine the digital customer experience, turning every interaction into a personalized journey. As a vanguard of AI-driven journey personalization, the company aspires to set new industry standards for user engagement, happiness and monetization. The Coho AI platform designs adaptive user journeys, enabling businesses to create deeper connections with their customers. This approach not only boosts important metrics like company retention and lifetime value, but also promotes sustainable revenue growth.

“We are thrilled to welcome Yoav Fellner, CEO of Walnut, to the Coho AI Advisory Board,” he says. Itamar Falcon, CEO and co-founder of Coho AI. “Yoav is well-known in the technology industry and has been recognized by Forbes as a Tech Marketer to Watch. His pioneering approach and innovative insights position him perfectly to guide Coho AI on a path to disrupting the industry.”

“James Colgan, former chief product officer at Spendesk, brings a wealth of experience from tech giants like Microsoft and hypergrowth legends like Slack,” he continues. “James is known for his deep customer empathy and experience in developing user-focused products, and he will play a pivotal role in shaping Coho AI’s product vision.”

In a world where data abounds but actionable insights are scarce, Coho AI stands as a beacon of transformation. With these two industry leaders at its side, the company is poised to embark on a new era by redefining AI in customer engagement, where data is not just a resource; It is the key to unlocking unprecedented revenue potential for its clients.

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