Watch the splendor of spring in the Netherlands

Watch the splendor of spring in the Netherlands

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What’s the story?

Every spring, the Netherlands witnesses a kaleidoscope of colors as countless tulips bloom.

And around Lisse, tulip festivals offer a glimpse into nature’s splendor and a taste of Dutch tradition.

Visitors will watch the countryside come alive with vibrant colors, participate in cultural events, and celebrate the beauty of the season and the country’s floral heritage in an unforgettable display.

Keukenhof: floral wonderland

The Keukenhof Gardens, the focus of the Netherlands’ tulip season, span 32 hectares.

With more than seven million bulbs planted, the gardens put on a vibrant display from March to May.

Visitors can wander through several themed gardens, admire stunning art installations, and learn about flower arranging in live performances, making for a rich and wonderful experience.

Tulip Farm Tours: Beyond Keukenhof

Keukenhof may be the main attraction, but visiting local tulip farms can be just as fun.

These farms offer tours that provide insight into the tulip growing process.

Guests have the opportunity to pick their own tulips and take home a bouquet.

The tours are unique because they allow access to parts of the fields that are normally closed to the public.

Flower Parade: Blooming floats on display

Every year, the Flower Parade is an event not to be missed, taking place in late April.

Featuring stunning floats lavishly decorated with flowers, this parade travels from Noordwijk to Haarlem and passes through Lisse.

These floats are true works of art, and spectators have the opportunity to see them up close at various viewing points before and after the start of the parade.

Cycling among tulips: Pedal through the petals

Explore the Dutch countryside on a bicycle for an eco-friendly adventure among the tulips.

With a variety of distinct routes, you can drive through the fields near Keukenhof and further afield.

Convenient bike rentals are available around Lisse, offering different routes suitable for any fitness level.

This way, you can enjoy the stunning scenery at your own pace, surrounded by an array of flowers.

Cultural Insights: Museums and Windmills

No trip through tulip season is complete without exploring Dutch cultural heritage.

Local museums provide an in-depth look into the history of tulips in the Netherlands.

No less important are the famous windmills that punctuate the landscape.

These historic buildings provide a timeless look at traditional Dutch architecture and aesthetics, and perfectly complement the colorful tulip fields that attract visitors from all over the world.

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