We delivered happiness flowers

We delivered happiness flowers

On May 29, the ANA Group delivered “Flowers of Happiness,” or lilies of the valley, or Suzuran in Japanese, and bookmarks containing handwritten messages from ANA Group employees to 51 Red Cross hospitals and related facilities across the country.

This year marks the 64th annual event, the important social contribution activity of the ANA Group that spans the Showa, Heisei and Reiwa eras.* (*Named after the reigns of the Japanese emperors, Showa 1926-1989, Heisei 1989-2019, Reiwa began on May 1, 2019. )

In the language of flowers, lily of the valley is known as the “return of happiness” and “chastity.” In France, May 1 is Lily of the Valley Day, and it is customary to give flowers to loved ones and others you appreciate.

The Suzuran plant introduced this year was grown on the plains of Hokkaido. The flowers were packed and delivered in collaboration with everyone at Hanako Park again this year.

With gentle early summer breezes, a Suzuran presentation ceremony was held at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in the Tokyo area.

At the opening of the ceremony, Ms. Chikako Miyata, Director of CSR Promotion Department at ANA Holdings, said: “This will be the 64th annual event of Suzuran this year. We can continue these social contribution activities thanks to all participants, the Japanese Red Company.” “Cross and all related participants, it is an important treasure that will last through the new Rewa era.”

A flight attendant handed a bookmark to a patient in the hospital who said kindly with a big smile: “I love reading books, so every time I open a book, I am delighted by the sweet scent of suzuran.”

ANA flight attendant Ms. Ono, who eagerly participated in the ceremony, said: “One patient carefully read the messages from ANA group employees written on the bookmarks and was happy to receive all four types of bookmarks. The patient later said: ‘I love’ Suzuran flowers and I am looking forward to This is every year, and this will help me in my rehabilitation as well. With these powerful words, I received a smile and good energy from the patient. I will keep this memory in my heart and will continue to work towards delivering smiles to people across the country and around the world.”

Four types of bookmarks were distributed. The illustrations were designed by ANA Group employees, and each of the approximately 17,000 bookmarks contains handwritten messages from an ANA Group employee.

ANA Group will band together and continue to engage positively in social contribution activities with “Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku Genki” (Trustworthy, Warm, Lively!) to help create a brighter future.

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