Reuse Household Items: Are you planning to host some wedding parties in your home? If yes, and you don’t want to spend a lot on decor, we have some ways you can beautify your home, reduce waste and do your bit for the environment. We present you eight household items that are perfect for reusing when it comes to wedding decor.

The items will prevent you from purchasing new items and overcrowd your pantry. All you need is a creative mind and a few hands to get the work done in a shorter period of time.

Here are eight things you can reuse to decorate your home for wedding celebrations.

Colorful fabric scraps for wedding decorations

If you have old clothes and pieces of fabric lying around the house, you can donate them if they are in good condition. You can also use them for cleaning and dusting. But they are also useful for decorating a room or garden with colorful flowers.

You don’t even have to decide which order. You can fold the fabric, label it and cut it into adorable pieces that will turn any corner of the house into a great photo nook.

Use bottles and decorative items to decorate your wedding

If wine bottles and clear bottles are scattered around the house, you can paint them bright colors to add a little jazz. They are perfect for holding real, plastic, wooden flowers and other artificial decorative items.

You can also use wide jars to place candles and diyas. They are perfect for lighting up a corner or beautifying table settings. If you are hosting a small dinner at night, you can use small glasses to place artificial diyas and light up the entire space.

Use fairy lights for home decor

When nothing works to enhance your corner decor, use fairy lights and let them work their magic. We often decorate our homes on Diwali (Bollywood’s Diwali moments) with these lights, and they are available in different styles and prices.

You can add them to a tree in the garden, tie them around house plants, and decorate wall edges to brighten up the entire space.

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Use newspapers to create origami for wedding decorations

You may have old newspapers scattered around the house, and you don’t need to sell them. It’s the free paper source needed to make gorgeous origami that can elevate the look of any corner, room or garden. You can hang them in a row or create beautiful, eco-friendly chandeliers.

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Reuse old furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture (space saving design for the home garden) scattered around the house, you can turn it into a vibrant bench or center table to hold things. You can change out your sofa cover and cushions, and it will be ready for the bride, groom, or both to sit, take photos, and enjoy the evening.

You can also change the cushion cover and choose colorful colors to change the interior design of the space. They can also be used to decorate white mats placed on the floor for guests to sit and enjoy the wedding celebrations.

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