Weekend Money: How to Buy Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Flowers for Less Without Looking Like a Cheap Person – By Florists | UK News

Weekend Money: How to Buy Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Flowers for Less Without Looking Like a Cheap Person – By Florists |  UK News

Written by Jess Sharpe, Money Team

Valentine’s Day – Love is in the air, and money is coming out of your wallet.

Traditional flowers and chocolates are usually a safe gift to buy.

But, with a dozen good roses potentially costing you anywhere from £60 to £130, are there any cheaper alternatives?

Sky News spoke to two florists to get their top picks for those on a tight budget – and those who are willing to spend money.

How to spend less on flowers

Nicky Meader from Kent says you can buy roses on a budget – but sometimes one high-quality rose is better than 12 at a ‘petrol station’.

“Even a single rose sends an equally good message,” she says.

At around £5 from most florists, it is one of the cheapest options.

If you want a cheaper option, we’ve also found one artificial rose on Amazon for £3.49.

Cheaper alternatives to rose

For a budget of £30, Nikki says a bouquet of german roses, carnations and alstroemeria could be a good option – or anything with a different texture.

A mixed bouquet of spring flowers, which are often grown in Britain, may also be a cheaper option, suggests London-based florist Karen Woolvin.

“Look to your independent florist for their mixed bouquets of seasonal flowers, which usually include roses as well, and some red roses in general. They’re quite impressive,” she says.

Medium range

For a mid-range alternative to a rose-filled bouquet, an arrangement of orchids, gerberas, alstroemeria and carnations is a good option for around £50, says Nicky.

They come in a range of colours, from pink and burgundy to bright green and orange, and can suit everyone’s taste.

Nikki says this is the best bouquet for your money.

A bouquet of scented oriental lilies, tall roses and seasonal foliage is the best mid-range option, Karen says.

Retailing at around £60 from independent florists, it is a choice that looks elegant and sophisticated.

We’ve found other examples of similar packages on sites like Interflora and eFlorist that cost between £40 and £75.

Money doesn’t matter

If you’re looking to make a statement, Nikki says just go all out and do “the full thing” – expensive roses, chocolates and champagne.

Karen suggests that looking for a bespoke design would be the best option.

“If you talk to your florist at the right time, the florist will be able to ascertain many of the recipient’s likes and dislikes and work to create the best individual design for you,” she said.

Quality, quality, quality – and how to check it

Nikki says size doesn’t matter – quality is what matters.

A low-quality rose will only last a few days and its bloom will be small.

A high-quality rose lasts for weeks and has larger blooms and a longer stem, usually between 60 and 70 cm.

“The longer the better,” says Nikki. “It doesn’t matter where you get it, but you should look at the quality.”

Karen recommends buying from a reputable independent florist, as it’s an obvious way to ensure you’re getting high-quality products.

A good way to check your florist is to see if they are a member of the British Florists Association or the Good Florists Directory.

“Go to their store before Valentine’s Day and look at their flowers,” she says.

“The flower heads and stems should be strong and straight, with no visible marks or bruises. The leaves on the stems should be bright and not yellow or brown.”

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