What are plant watering balls and do I need them? |

What are plant watering balls and do I need them?  |

If you need a hand to water your houseplants, whether it’s daily or during a trip away from home, watering balls are a cheap and effective solution. Made of plastic or glass, they are small devices that you fill with water and place in your plant pots. They then release water over time.

I first discovered them last year, when I was looking for ways to water my plants on vacation. After the temperatures soared, I expected a sorry sight upon my return, but they have kept my indoor garden happy and healthy. And it seems I’m not the only one impressed by them.

Benefits of plant watering balls

Watering balls can help keep potted plants thriving

(Image credit: FotoHelin / Alamy Stock Photo)

Diane Kothi, founder of How to Grow Everything, has recently become a fan of these watering devices. “I live in Idaho and have a few indoor tropical plants (like Meyer lemon and plum trees) that require their soil to be completely moist at all times,” she says. “I have a lot of houseplants, so keeping up with their watering needs is a challenge.”

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