When and How to Use Dead Dianthus to Get More Flowers |

When and How to Use Dead Dianthus to Get More Flowers |

Dianthus are easy-care plants, and cutting off their sparse, fragrant blooms during the summer months is a major maintenance task, as it will help more flowers grow.

These popular plants are versatile and can work in many different spaces. Although it is often one of the best plants for hanging baskets, it is also commonly seen in flower beds, suitable for a cottage garden border and ideal for container gardens. There are many different types of dianthus to choose from, including perennials and biennials.

We take a closer look at when and how to cut back dead dianthus to help you have more beautiful flowers to enjoy and make sure your plant looks tidy wherever it is in your backyard.

Dianthus have ruffled petals and narrow foliage

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Are you dead dianthus?

Dianthus flower

Common names for dianthus include roses and sweet william

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Deadheading is an important horticultural task that involves removing old flower buds from plants. By removing old flowers, it maintains the appearance and restores the plant’s energy to make new flowers. People usually deadhead roses and deadhead dahlias, among many other things, so why not deadhead dianthus to keep them looking tidy and full of blooms longer.

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