When to prune jasmine in the UK according to experts

Jasmine is a beautiful plant, known for its clusters of small, star-shaped white flowers and its sweet scent. A scent associated with summer time and tropical vacation destinations. But if you are the lucky owner of a jasmine plant, you must remember when to prune your jasmine in order to keep these beautiful, delicate flowers and their scent coming back year after year.

Lucky for you, we’ve turned to our professionals for expert gardening advice on when to prune jasmine in the UK. So, whether you have a summer jasmine or a winter jasmine, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this easy-to-follow little guide.

When to prune jasmine in the UK

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It’s essential to know when to prune your jasmine to have a healthy plant all year round, just as you know when to prune roses or when to prune hydrangeas. There are two types of jasmine – summer jasmine and winter jasmine. The timing of pruning jasmine depends on the type you have. But for both types, it is best to prune them immediately after they finish flowering.

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