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Despite recent record-breaking temperatures in St. Louis that have forced extra watering into the wee hours of the morning, as well as early afternoon closing times, local greenhouses and garden centers are ready to welcome fall with a new crop of mums to plant And the balcony. Decoration, or as a gift for friends and neighbors.

“As avid gardeners, we know that our customers don’t just grow mums, they decorate their homes and gardens,” says Sandy Richter, owner of Sandy Back Porch Gardens in Belleville, Illinois. “From start to finish, we keep a watchful eye on their progress. The summer heat can really pose some problems, and if we see anything going wrong, we intervene quickly.

Here’s a list of some growers and garden centers that have braved the late summer heat to make sure they’re prepared to provide suitable mums for foliage bragging rights.

East Metro

Sandy Backyard Gardens

“This year we have over 60 species because there are so many beautiful shades of fall,” says Richter, who has been raising broodstock for 18 years. “Doing this gives customers many options and ways to complete their fall offerings, no matter how big or small.” In Sandy, look for mums in various sizes and styles of pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets.

North County/St. Charles

Theis farm and greenhouses

“We raise more than 8,000 mothers in several different varieties and colors,” says Fran Theis, noting that her mothers average 15 to 18 inches across the head. “We supply a few local stores, but most are only in our two locations: 4215 North Hanley Road in St. Louis County and our newest location at 3200 Greens Bottom Road in St. Charles County. They are available in three sizes and will be in peak bloom starting at Mid-September to October.

Central West End

Budd Farms

“We have a fantastic range of mums at the moment. We focus on mid-season flowering varieties, so our mums will be full of buds and will start to start blooming in the next few weeks,” says owner Lizzie Rickard. Bowood offers three different sizes as well as triple mums Colors, which include three colors combined in one pot. “To complement the mums, we have a wonderful selection of pansies, celosias, and other fall favorites,” adds Rickard.

South County

Fendler Nursery and Garden Centre

“Our stock is locally grown in over 20 bud-laden colors and multiple sizes to choose from. Large ones come in single and mixed colors,” says owner Larry Fendler. According to Fendler, the best time to buy mums is when the buds start bursting with color. This ensures they will last For a long time this season. “Our peak inventory is between now and October 1,” he says.

Webster Groves

Rolling Ridge Nursery

All Rolling Ridge mums are grown locally to Webster Groves Nursery, which offers 4.5-inch pots and 9-inch pots with a few larger sizes available. The selection is currently displaying tight buds that will provide long-lasting color displays into the fall. Peak will depend on temperatures, with most mums showing their best blooms within two weeks.

Wild wood

Passiglia Nursery and Garden Centre

“We just unloaded our first shipment of mums and fall flowers, and they are beautiful,” manager Julie Stratman said shortly after Labor Day. “The nursery will be full of many colors and sizes, including Monster Mums. They are huge again this year.”


Sugar Creek Gardens

Sugar Creek is known for its locally grown plants and carefully curated selections that also offer a variety of annual and decorative fall plants. As for its mothers, flowers begin to arrive in late August.

West County and South County

Greenhouses Wiethop

Mums are a specialty here with two locations open seasonally and beginning the fall hours with a selection of perennial Belgian mums and other vegetables and flowers that thrive in cooler temperatures. The site offers a great introductory guide for beginners on how to care for new fall flowers.

West County

Sherwood Forest Nursery

Cost-conscious plant enthusiasts can often find deals when they stock several mums at Sherwood’s. The garden center regularly updates its inventory and posts updates on its social media channels with information about upcoming sales.

Richmond Heights

Franklin Collection

Mums are available in a variety of colors and sizes along with other fall favorites, including asters, kale and peppers. Owner Jack Cusumano says his plants are locally grown and specific to Missouri, which lends itself to longevity.

Garden Heights Nursery

“Between the abundance of mums, jewel plants, pumpkins and gourds, there’s an image of autumn everywhere you look,” says Denise Degelder, store manager. “We pride ourselves on having a large number of broodstock in stock, at all times, and as late in the season as availability allows. Everything from the tiny 4-inch ones put into fall arrangements to the giant ones.”

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