Where to buy plants in Tampa and St. Pete

Nurseries never die in nature, because they thrive as much as the plants they provide. People have used plants to add green to their homes and backyards for ages. In simple ways we can help our plants, as they have many ways to return love to their owners.

The best qualities of owning indoor and outdoor plants are that they can improve air quality, reduce stress, provide a symbiotic relationship, and much more. The way plants depend on us, we can also depend on them. Check out our list of local Tampa and St. Pete garden stores and find the right stem for the leaves to take root in your home.

Fancy Free Nursery
This old western style nursery is sure to bring some light into your life and home. Inside, the store is decorated with old wooden displays that showcase all the greenery they have to offer. Chances are that if they don’t have what you’re looking for, the staff and owner will be more than happy to bring your needs to their tables and shelves. If you have questions for them, don’t hesitate, as they are eager to answer any questions they are asked.

If you are looking for wall stands, they will be made in-store with everything the plant needs to thrive. These fixtures are great for adding more life to a small house, apartment, or even a college dorm!

Ideal for presenting: luxurious plants accustomed to free emotions

1502 AD. Florida Street, Tampa | (813) 260-0217

Bloom Garden Store
Are you looking for a place that provides love for both plants and animals? Bloom Garden Store is the place for you. With a wide selection of green plants and colorful flowers, this plant store does it all. While you’re shopping, you can enjoy the wonderful music they play and also stop to say hello to their friendly little bunnies. This store is known for its BYO methods. Feel free to bring your own pots so they can grow them for you. If you are looking for soil, you can also bring your own containers as well.

When you’re selecting plants that catch your eye, and you have more than your arms can handle, don’t worry! Ask a crew member and they will transport your plants in a cute little red cart. Bloom Garden Shop also offers delivery services and can work off-site at your home.

Perfection in presentation: beautiful arrangements of orchids

3005 S. MacDill Street, Tampa | (813) 805-2151

Mani’s Girls’ Garden of Joy

Mani’s Girls’ Garden of Joy
Sitting next to the Urban Bungalow (now known as Pickford’s Sundries), grab a coffee or a beer and head to the Garden of Joy to foster your next beloved houseplant. Manny’s Daughters Garden of Joy is a beautiful outdoor plant shop shaded by a giant oak tree, with a unique repurposed house displaying all their wonderful plants. At the back of the house there are vast rows of outdoor plants awaiting your arrival.

This plant store is family owned and operated. They also offer potting soil in bags at amazing prices as well as ready-made herbs and vegetables for your home kitchen! This store is dog-friendly and equipped with a refreshment station for your pup. With some upbeat music, the amazing and light-hearted owners and staff encourage you to have a good time and dance to their tunes.

Perfect for providing: peace, joy, smiles, and enjoyment of waving plants

2606 W Hillsboro Ave, Tampa | (813) 231-9681

The original Little Red Wagon Nursery

The original Little Red Wagon Nursery
This plant store with a western farmhouse feel is sure to keep you entertained. Plants are filled to the brim under a wood mesh canopy. Most plants are labeled with a sign that tells you how to properly care for each plant and will also inform you which plants are endangered. This pollinator-friendly habitat, which welcomes birds, bees, butterflies and plant lovers, has an array of flowers, greenery, berries and some fruit all at great prices.

In the refrigerated interior area you will find a room with habitats for butterflies, snakes and lizards. This plant shop is great for kids, as in the same room there are papers discussing the importance of keeping your plants healthy and happy.

Ideal for providing: A therapeutic and calming environment full of environmentally friendly learning opportunities

4113 Henderson Blvd, Tampa | (813) 755-9579

Green Thumb Nursery

Green Thumb Nursery
This huge plant store will likely have exactly what you’re looking for. From unshaded to shaded plants, we welcome you with a wide range of greenery, trees, flowers and more. They also have a collection of citrus trees and bonsai pulled aside and easy to find.

Green Thumb Nursery is a family business that started in Tampa in the early 1950s and has been thriving ever since. Besides plants, they also sell soil, seeds, decorative pots, and outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled materials.

Ideal for providing: high quality plants at affordable prices

6913 Sheldon Rd, Tampa | (813) 884-3797

Jane’s Nursery
If you’re looking for some trees with gifts that keep on giving, this wonderful plant shop is just for you. With a fruitful collection of citrus trees, exotic fruits, greenery and flowers, Jane’s Nursery will have exactly what you’re looking for. From bonsai to succulents, trees and aromatic plants, you’ll be sure to make this place your one-stop-shop!

It’s an easy find, as the greenery is backed by a beautiful turquoise blue building. Do you love making key lime pie? You can head out and buy your own key lime tree, along with other wonderfully flavored fruit trees. They also have a great selection of glazed terracotta pots to make your backyard more colorful than ever.

Ideal for serving: citrus and exotic fruit trees as a specialty

6831 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg | (727) 344-1668

Willow Tree Nursery
Willow Tree Nursery is sure to take you back in time to memories of America’s patriotic times. You can’t miss it once you see the horse and carriage statue outside next to the extensive parking lot. One of the largest selection of flowers, greenery and trees in the area. On your green-thumbed trip to Willow Tree Nursery, be sure to stop by the rooster barn for a friendly hello! They provide indoor, shade and sun-loving foliage all in great condition, which shows how much they care for your future plant pets.

Are you looking for a fun way to renovate your kitchen? They have several vegetable plants that will definitely do the trick. If you want to grow it from seed up, inside you will find many different seeds that will spark life in your garden.

Perfect in Delivering: The owners offer to give back to the community and a great place to sit and relax

4401 49th St. N., St. Petersburg | (727) 522-2594

Wild roots

Wild roots
Staying in the wild is encouraged at this plant store. Green is just an understatement here, from large plants to small, thirsty plants or air plants and needy cacti and succulents. With a step towards a green future, Wild Roots showcases and serves almost everything with wooden shelves and tables. Do you need bookshelf fillers, or are you really concerned about maintaining your plants? Here you can find some books that will do the trick.

You can also create your own crystal terrariums with a selection of crystals, glass terrariums and small air plants to add some green.

IDEAL FOR SAVINGS: Relax in the greenscape to breathe fresh air with plants

1949 1st Avenue S, St. Petersburg | (727) 202-0810

Lida Forest

Lida Forest
Plants are everywhere in Lida’s Jungle! From carnivorous plants, large floor plants, and small office plants, you’re sure to find what you need here. Beauty flows inside and out, with green floors, blooming flowers, and hanging greenery. With a huge selection of shaded and non-shaded plants, Lida’s Jungle hand picks everything you see there, as quality is key!

With its warm, modern d├ęcor, this family-owned store welcomes you with open arms and is sure to have staff who can answer everything. They also offer workshops and a quarterly morning market for their neighbors.

Ideal for presenting: A collection of high quality and loved plants

3101 Dr. MLK Jr. Street, St. Petersburg | (727) 905-5422

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