Where to find all six images of Nazamil in Tales of Emergence: After the Dawn

Where to find all six images of Nazamil in Tales of Emergence: After the Dawn

Following the beloved main cast, Tales Arise: After Dawn It brings a new character into the mix, making it one of the main focus points of the expansion’s narrative. One of the most poignant moments in the story is when Nzamil begins to open up to the party more, expressing her interest in art and how she loves to draw.


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While this may seem like an offhand comment, serving only to build Nazamil’s character, it serves a broader purpose, as you can find images of all the playable characters within the game’s final dungeon, the Keystone. Aside from wanting to find her because she’s too cute to pass up, you’ll also get an “Always on Her Mind” trophy/achievement for your efforts.

First photo of Nazamil Location: Alvin

for you The first photo of Nzamil It will be the one and only two thousand, Which is found in Flame Palace Follower Keystone Dungeon. This will be the first dungeon palace, so continue through it until you reach Single-sex store to divide.

Once here, move on The westernmost floor until you trigger a cutscene, He had the crew speculate on when Nazamil might have painted the picture. After the scene ends, you can move on to the next scene!

Second Nzamil Image Location: Shionne


Nazamil photo number two It is amazing Shion, Which you will find on first level Follower Whirlpool Palace part of Keystone Dungeon. Continue through this floor until you reach Near its exit And look for a Closed room.

Use Renuel And a A few treatment points, Dissipate seal To get to the room. In this room you will find Picture on the wall right in the back!

Image of Nzamil III Location: Renewil


our Image of Nzamil III He is quick-witted Renuel And it is found in Single-sex store part of Whirlpool Palace Within limits Keystone prison cell.

When you’re in this room, head towards the back right corner to start hearing the characters talking about the picture well before you see it. Once you arrive Back right corner of the room, You will see the picture on the wall!

Picture of the Fourth Nzamil Location: Kisara


From here, continue across Keystone Dungeon Until you reach stone palace, Then scroll through it until you reach Central level. When you get here, head east until you reach Vines on the wall. Use The dahlias and a small amount of healing points restore the rest of the vines To create a ladder.

Climb the newly created ladder inside the Upper level Follower Stone Palace To find the nzamil fourth image, This time of the noble and powerful Kisara, On the back wall!

Portrait of the Fifth Regulator Location: Al-Duhlim


Next is our nzamil fifth image, He is nothing but elegant and always beautiful Dolem, Which can be found at Helgan Shrine Part of the Keystone Dungeon.

When you reach this floor, head to Southwest corner To start hearing the party’s signal to the image and Find it on the big screen in front of the wall!

Picture of the sixth organizer Location: Law


Finally, we have Nzamil’s sixth and final photo He is one of the berserkers Law, Which will be located inside Zern Shrine: Rivalry Chamber.

Enter this room, then immediately head to Northeast corner From it to find the image on a A screen very similar to the one on which the image of Duhalim was. Interact with it to get all six pictures, and it appears Always on her mind is the trophy/achievement!

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