Where to find Black Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Black Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

one of Disney's Dreamlight Valley The most important aspect of gameplay is collecting resources. Progress in the game is impossible without it and players who stockpile resources will find themselves ready to go when tasked with collecting or crafting any item.

Since the second major update to Disney's Dreamlight Valley It was released, and many players were searching for the Black Passion Lily flower.

This resource is essential in Wall-E's level 10 Friendship quest, so players will need to know how to access it if they hope to maximize their relationship with the shy robot and obtain his adorable backpack as a reward.

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Get flowers in Disney's Dreamlight Valley It is a fairly simple task as long as players know where to look. However, there is a very long list of flowers available for players to collect, so knowing where to find a specific flower can be a bit difficult.

Black Passion Lily's website Disney's Dreamlight Valley

As is also the case with every other flower Disney's Dreamlight Valley, the Black Passion Lily is found exclusively in one biome. This biome is Frosted Heights, which can only be entered through another unlockable biome. Therefore, players can only unlock Frosted Heights after unlocking the Forest of Courage for the first time.

The Black Passion Lily can be found anywhere around the winter biome and should be easy to spot due to the bright white layer of snow that always covers this area.

Flowers can be difficult to locate in other biomes since the green color of the grass covering most of them is almost identical to the flower stems, but this problem does not exist in the always-winter biome of Frosted Heights.

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Other species of Passion Lily, Green Passion Lily, Red Passion Lily, Blue Passion Lily, and White Passion Lily, also grow in Frosted Heights. Players will want to specifically look for those with black petals.

Black Passion Lily can be sold for 79 Star Coins at any of Goofy's kiosks around the valley. It may also be one of the three items chosen as the character's favorite for the day, or it may be used to craft furniture items at any crafting station, or it may originate as a required quest item.

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