Where to find blue passion lily

Where to find blue passion lily

Flowers contribute a lot to our fun virtual world Disney's Dreamlight Valley. They find multiple roles in the game, either as gifts to increase friendship levels or as ingredients for various crafting recipes.

Blue Passion Lily is a vibrant flower from the Lily family that grows in the iciest biome Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Despite its importance, finding it can be a real struggle sometimes, especially for beginners. Those looking for Blue Passion Lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley Help can be found in this site guide.

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Blue Passion Lily Location Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Blue Passion Lily is a special flower Blue petals That grows in Frozen highlands region. Open this snow biome and clear the entrance with 10,000 Dreamlight. However, it should be noted that Frosted Heights can only be accessed through the Forest of Valor, so players need to spend an additional 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Forest of Valor first and then head towards Frosted Heights.

Look around in hidden caves, near mountain peaks, and in the deep valleys of Frosted Heights to find the Blue Passion Lily. It may take some time to find this flower, but with a little luck and patience, dreamers will be able to find it.

Players will likely encounter a visual bug where all Passion Lilies begin to appear red, whether they are blue, green, or white. This makes searching more difficult. However, the original color of the flowers returns when the flowers are picked, so be sure to collect all the passion lily flowers.

It is worth noting that only players can find them three Blue passion lilies at a certain time in Frosted Heights. Each of these flowers has a re-flowering period 40 minutes After it was picked. Within two hours, the biome will be filled with these flowers again.

How to use Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy Kiosk at Disney's Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned earlier, flowers are used to make various materials Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Likewise, Blue Passion Lily is also an important ingredient in the formulation of some recipes, including:

  • Elegant city square clock
  • Big blue box
  • Painted wooden table
  • Yellow, red and blue flower disk

Players can sell the Blue Passion Lily at Goofy's Stall for 56 star coins. Moreover, it can also be given as a gift to villagers to level up their friendships.

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