Where to find green passion lily

Where to find green passion lily

Disney's Dreamlight Valley Home to a wide variety of plants, many of the inhabitants' quests will have players hunting down specific types of flowers. The Green Passion Lily is one of these flowers, and players would do well to stock up on a few. Right now, players won't need more than a few, if any, Green Passion Lilies in quests, but they have other uses as well. For example, they can be sold for Star Coins and make great gifts when trying to level up your friendship with Disney Valley residents.

Flowers in Valley of dreams They are a foraging item, so it may be helpful to bring a foraging friend when hunting Green Passion Lilies, as they will gain additional experience from picking the flowers. Whether you're looking for a flower to sell, give as a gift, use for a task, or even just for decoration, it pays to know where to find each one.

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The Green Passion Night website

The Green Passion Lily spawns in the Frosted Heights biome, meaning players will need to get to that area first. To do this, head to the Forest of Courage and find the large icy staircase obscured by night thorns. Using 10,000 Dreamlight will clear the way and open Frosted Heights. Once inside, look around for a tall flower with green blossoms. Since it's all green, it sometimes blends in with the mint that's also common around Frosted Heights, but it's much larger.

For players who are not lucky enough to find Green Passion Lilies, they immediately need to make sure to check the other side of the river as well. This side is blocked by large pieces of ice that cannot be broken until the player upgrades Valley of dreamsRoyal Axe, but by moving the fast travel well in Furniture Pickup mode, players can quickly travel to the other side of the river before the ice breaks. This will provide another area in which green passion lilies can spawn.

Players should have no problem finding Green Passion Lilies after unlocking Frosted Heights. Even if there's nothing there at first glance, the flowers reappear fairly frequently, so players only need to wait a while before going back to look again. At the time of writing, this is the only place players can find this particular flower, but it's always possible this could change with future updates adding more content to Valley of dreams.

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