Where to find red passion lily

Where to find red passion lily

Most players assume that collecting foraging materials such as flowers, wood, stone, clay, and ores is often quest-related. Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Not many people realize that collecting flowers leads to many possibilities in the game.

Red passion lily It is one of the types of flowers that can be found in the snow-covered area of ​​the valley. Although the flower cannot be used as an ingredient in cooking Disney's Dreamlight Valleyplayers can still combine Red Passion Lily to create some beautiful decorations at the crafting station.

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Where to find the red passion lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley?

Red Passion Lily is located within Frosted Heights in Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Frosted Heights is covered in a layer of white snow which will further aid in searching for the Red Passion Lily. Dreamers can pick four flowers and then wait 30 minutes for their foraging material to reappear.

Not only will players get some new materials upon reaching the area, as the Biome has its own characters, creatures, fish, and ingredients within it. Disney's Dreamlight ValleyAnd many more features.

How to unlock Frozen Heights

Frozen Heights at Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Similar to the Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights can only be accessed if players unlock the Forest of Courage. It's a bit complicated since Dreamers must save enough Dreamlight for two biomes instead of one. In total, 13,000 Dreamlight are needed to enter Frosted Heights (3,000 Dreamlight + 10,000 Dreamlight).

One part of the Biome is blocked by a small ice block and a large ice block. To remove both obstacles and freely explore the area, players must complete two specific friendship missions for Elsa Disney's Dreamlight Valley; Break the ice and sing the ice.

Where to Use Red Passion Lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Where to Use Red Passion Lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Creating furniture with Red Passion Lily requires a few materials Disney's Dreamlight Valley. An object made mostly for decorative purposes as it has no other use. On the other hand, players can always gift a random character or creature to Red Passion Lily to get some experience. Furniture available is:

Made item

the required materials

Red and black passion lily pot

  • Flower pots x1
  • Red Passion Lily x1
  • Black Passion Lily x1

Since Red Passion Lily's location is known, here's a breakdown of where to find the rest of the materials:

  • Flower pots can only be made at the crafting station by combining six pieces of clay and two pieces of soil.
  • Like Red Passion Lily, Black Passion Lily is also located in Frosted Heights.

If players are wondering where to get clay, there are several ways:

  • Dig around the Glade of Trust, the Sunlit Plateau, and the Forgotten Lands.
  • Head to Christophe's booth and buy some.
  • Dispose of bones of small and large wild animals from the sunlit plateau.

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