Where to find the Blue Passion Lily in Dreamlight Valley

Where to find the Blue Passion Lily in Dreamlight Valley

There are a lot of flowers to look for in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so it can be difficult to remember where to find each one. I find it particularly difficult to keep track of flowers because you rarely need them in specific recipes. But if you find yourself searching for this lily, the idea is to look for this vibrant flower in the iciest part of the world. Below we'll explain exactly where to look and what you can create with the Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Blue Passion Lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You can find Blue Passion Lily at Frozen highlands. This is the arctic terrain area east of the castle. You will need 10,000 Dream Light To open the accessed area Through the forest of courage.

You may sometimes find that the Blue Passion Lily cannot be found in the first part of the area. If you don't have the enhanced tools to clear the path and cross the bridges, just press on F To enter build mode. From there, move the lily to the side of the map that your character can reach. He hits Exit To return to the game and collect flowers.

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What you can do with Blue Passion Lily

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The Blue Passion Lily can be used in four different craft recipes, including a very useful recipe Big blue box Which gives you extra 48 inventory spaces. Of course, you also had to give up 50,000 Dreamlight, but that definitely put an end to your flower storage problems after that. It allows you to formulate the following:

purpose resources
Elegant city square clock 10x Blue Passion Lily, 30x Gold Engate, 100x Solid Wood, 200x Stone.
Big blue box 5x Blue Passion Lily, 25x Dark Wood, 50,000x Dreamlight, 5x Gold Ingot.
Painted wood table 5x Blue Passion Lily, 10x Dry Wood
Yellow, red and blue flower disk 4x blue passion lily, 2x red bellflower, round soil area, 4x sunflower.

You can also sell your Blue Passion Lilies if you don't want to work with them. all Sells coins worth 56 stars. Finally, you can also choose to give it as a gift to any villager you encounter. Some will like one more than others, due to everyday preferences, but I find that Characters like Ursula They are always part of a floral gift.

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