Where to find white passion lily

Where to find white passion lily

Disney's Dreamlight Valley It is an entertaining game full of exhilarating activities and exciting tasks for players. Collecting different items as you progress is an integral part of the game, and flowers are one of them. Players need to get a lot of flowers as quest items, to beautify their lands, or just as gifts for villagers to level up their friendships.

White Passion Lily is one of the many beautiful flowers that dreamers will come across Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, beginners may not be able to obtain this flower in their first hours because it is found exclusively in an expensive biome. Read on to find out how to find the White Passion Lily Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

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Where can I find White Passion Lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley?

Each area has a biome Disney's Dreamlight Valley It is known to have specific flowers that are not found anywhere else. The same is true for White Passion Lilies, as they only grow in… Frozen highlands biome. Players can access this location by progressing through the game step by step and eventually reaching the biome with snowy paths.

Requires Frosted Heights 10,000 Dream Light To be opened, the path is blocked by giant night thorns.

Once the biome is unlocked, players can start looking around for the coveted flower, the White Passion Lily. As the name indicates, it is white By color, players can find the total four Flowers scattered throughout the biome.

This flower is not found in abundance, but players can spot a few lush white passion lilies around the biome. It may be a bit boring for some players to walk around and look for these flowers. If so, they can quickly scan the entire area using Furniture Mode to locate it effortlessly. All that's left for the players to do is go and pick up the flowers.

How to use White Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy booth in Dreamlight Valley

White Passion Lily finds multiple uses in Disney's Dreamlight Valley. Once collected, they can be sold at Goofy's Stall for $100 38 star coins. In addition, players can also use it to craft different recipes or as a useful item to interact with villagers in the valley. but this is not all; They will also need it to complete it Elsa's friendship mission level 10.

It is worth noting that there is a default glitch in the game that can change the color of passion lilies. For example, the White Passion Lily may appear red at times, but once players pick it up, it will return to its original color.

Disney's Dreamlight Valley Available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series

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